doctor visit: one year appointment 

Hen had his one year wellness visit with his pediatrician today + kept a brave face through three shots.  

Poor Henry!

january 29 2016

His head is 49.2 centimeters, which puts him in the 99th percentile for head circumference.  

He is 29.5 inches long (~26th percentile). 

He weighs 20.7 pounds, which puts him in the 31st percentile. 

What a small fry! He’s a peanut!!


Henry Is(n’t) Perfect

Henry isn’t perfect.

  • His fingernails grow at an alarming rate.
  • His hair can’t be styled.
  • His little feet are so fat that he can’t fit into the majority of shoes.
  • He is a heater box and sweats through his clothes.
  • He claps his hands when he cries.

But, he is mine. He is made from my body. And to me, he IS perfect.

I can see a mini version of all of the good parts of Kevin + I in him.

He’s sweet, funny, inquisitive, social, and a bundle of energy.

High five to us! We’ve created the best version of ourselves and we call him, Henry Hayes!


Plaid Vibes

On Sunday, we went to brunch.  And we were all wearing plaid.  And it was not planned.  

I mean…


And Henry continues to be the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. In my life.  He’s amazing. And so much fun. 


You’re my favorite

This sweet little face just brings tears to my eyeballs. I can not believe that my body made him. 

Yes, my body made this beautiful, sweet, adventurous boy.    
He dances.  

He giggles and laughs a lot. 

He claps + smiles when you say, good job. 

He’s super snuggly. 

He plays pretend. 

His hair is long and wavy. 

He’s very petite. 

He’s very independent. 

He’s the apple of my eye. 

He’s amazing. 


Date Night: parent-style


We won’t let a one-year-old’s bed time spoil our Saturday night.  We ended a busy day with an at-home dinner date. 

Kevin made us dinner from a Blue Apron delivery we had – white pizza flat bread with ricotta, mozzarella, Brussels sprouts, arugula, + some other ingredients that was soooooo delicious.  

We said “cheers” with a beer and talked. And talked. And talked. We have really been connecting lately and enjoyed each other’s company. I had such a blast!

Right as we finished eating, we heard Henry stirring so I brought him into the living room with us where he immediately fell back asleep. 

On the floor.  
And stayed there. 

For hours. 


Breakfast with Hen

Finding new foods to try is always so fun.  

Finding new foods that don’t make their way on the floor after being thrown off the place setting to feed the dogs is NOT always so fun. 

Hen loves the eat but can very particular about texture and his mood.  

This morning we had peanut butter on whole grain toast (which ended up in a dog’s belly). 

We had blueberry yogurt, yum!

We had a half of a banana, which is also in a dog’s belly right now after being thrown from the table.  

Lastly, he had some beans, which are usually {one of} his favorite  snacks, but this morning he couldn’t be bothered with them  

Oh, well.  


All I can do is make sure he has what he needs.  If he doesn’t want to eat everything I put in front of him, I’m okay with that.  He’s nursing and drinking whole milk and water throughout the day so nutritionally, I feel that he’s getting what he needs.  

morning hair. dont care.

 Can we do better? Absolutely! However, it’s important to me that he have a good relationship with food and that means not forcing him to eat if/when he’s not hungry. 

Bon apetit!

Treat Yo Self 

On Wednesdays, I have “me time” with a two hour yoga + meditation session with my sweet friend, Courtney.

Besides walking the dog, this is usually the only time I leave the house during the week. Yikes!

While I’m away, the husband takes care of the house chores, dogs, and Henry.  On this particular Wednesday, he even found the time to cook up a gourmet dinner with ingredients from our Blue Apron, meal service, delivery.

Wow, I’m one lucky lady!

While the cats away, the mice will play!

dinner time

I was comforted in my commute to yoga when I received this sweet photo via text.  While Kevin cooked dinner, he moved Henry into the kitchen to eat apples.  Secretly, I think he was training Hen to be his sous chef!;)

Thank you, Kevin! I love my Wednesday nights, but I adore you and really appreciate you taking care of us.  Xoxo

a.m. kisses

This morning I was woken up with big open mouth lip kisses from Henry.  He slept in between us in the bed last night and woke up in a snuggly, loving mood.  I thought to myself, this is my favorite morning, EVER!

When he was a tiny baby, I used to cover him in kisses and tell him, “I can’t wait until you can kiss me back.”  And now, all he wants to do is smooch. It just makes my heart melt.


Whether he is blowing kisses, giving chicken peck kisses, or trying the put-your-whole-face-in-my-open-mouth type kisses, he is not one to be shy in showing his feelings of love.

The nanny says, “una besito (a kiss) por Maria” and he kisses her cheek or blows her a kiss.

This kid…

He is an old soul with a sweet, whole heart. I take it as my job to protect him so that he keeps his gentleness and kindness. always. and forever.


CuriOdyssey Museum – San Mateo, CA

We spent the rainy Sunday afternoon at the CuriOdyssey Museum in San Mateo, CA with a few friends.  Henry was a sleepy slug that day and was super tired so we didn’t stay too long.  We looked at animals and played with mirrors, a fog machine, building materials, and gears.

It was a full hands-on experience!

This day also marks Henry’s first {real} walk! He let go of his daddy’s hand and took off. It was such an amazing moment, and I felt honored to have witnessed it.