LegoLand Adventures: Bringing in 2016

We went to LegoLand and pointed, played, and poked Legos!  We wanted to bring in the New Year with a fresh start so we drove from San Francisco down to the San Diego area to take Henry to Legoland in {Carlsbad, CA}.

This place rocks!

We wanted to do Disneyland but after looking at the crowd calendar online, it read “don’t even think about it” so we chose LegoLand, instead. Boy, am I glad we did?!

I don’t know who had more fun, me or Henry?


I can’t even put this little adventure into words. Even though Henry isn’t quite one yet, he is totally “with it” and was able to enjoy the rides, displays, people-watching, and character photo ops. I swear, he is {almost} one going on 10!

We dug for dinosaur bones, ate apple fries, and saw mini replicas of San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, + Washington DC made of legos. This was quite impressive as no detail was spared.  For the SF one, they played a recording from the actual sea lions at Pier 39 at the replica to make it feel very authentic.


Replica of Pier 39 {Fisherman’s Wharf, SF}

Aside from the replicas at Miniland, USA, our favorite activity was the boat ride at the front of the park.  In this “ride,” you float along the property and see all the fairy tale characters made of Legos.


And, you know I couldn’t miss a photo opportunity with a character!  Even though Henry was relaxing and napping, I made Kevin pose for this photo!



And while we are talking about it, I HAVE to give a shout out to @Legoland for the mom spot they’ve created inside the park – there were rocking chairs. privacy for nursing, an abundance of changing tables, and an activity area.   Wow!  I am super impressed. Thank you, Legoland!


I’m thinking we may make this a yearly tradition. New Year’s Eve at Legoland!


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