Happy Birthday Hen

 365 days.  

52 weeks. 

Whoa! Where did the year go? Not to be super cliche, but I honestly can’t believe that I have a one year old. 

I can’t believe that HH is one. 

I can NOT believe we just had a BIRTHday party for Henry. 

His first one. It blows my mind. 

The day was full of friends, fun, and food! We hosted a small gathering that turned into a full party. We were at max capacity in our small Sam Francisco apartment, which added to the coziness. I was so touched that Henry was surrounded by so many people who have watched him grow and change throughout the year. 

My sweet sister and six month old niece came from Chicago to share in the sweet + special memories and to help host a proper party, which I tried to get out of considering I’m still in complete denial that I gave birth to him on this day, last year.  

Henry loved being in the spotlight and clapped his cute little hands when we sang happy birthday. 

What he didn’t love was his cake! I worked hard on making him his own personal “smash cake” but he couldn’t be bothered. He threw parts on the floor and shook his head on the “no-no-no” manner. 

Folks joked that the cake should have been made of kale, since he’s a healthy San Francisco baby who doesn’t like cake. Who doesn’t want sweets?!

And before the last guest left, I found Henry like this 👇🏻 in the living room.  




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