My Facebook “Moment”

Logging into Facebook today showed me my post from one year ago.  Three hundred sixty five days ago, I shared the first picture of our sweet Hen.

365 days ago, we also chose his name, Henry Hayes.  Yes, it took us three full days after his birth to figure out the name that best suited our pint-sized old soul.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.56.21 PM

He looks the same. But different. I can’t explain it.  I can remember those first few days. But I can’t remember them – they’re a blur.

I can’t explain it.


What I do know is that my heart has been skipping a few beats ever since I laid eyes on him.  He takes my breath away. He brings me so much joy. He makes me feel such a sense of accomplishment.

Above all else, he is my greatest accomplishment. My purpose in life. I live on this Earth to be his mama – it was my destiny.


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