Our Quiet Christmas 2015

As I’m SOOOOO far behind on documenting Hen’s past few months + adventures, I’m going with the idea that late is BETTER than never.

Let’s talk about Christmas Day 2015. Yes, I realize this was a month ago.

But…this was Henry’s FIRST Christmas.

To celebrate, we had a cozy Christmas Day at home with homemade {crockpot} chicken pot pie, pajamas, and a visit from our best friends.

Henry + Baby Tate wore matching Burt’s Bees pajamas and because we were playing nap leap frog, these are the only two photos we have of them that night.

As my friend, Court, says, “we were living life through our eyes and not our iPhones.”

This photo cracks me up because Tate is watching Penny Lane.

Penny Lane is watching Henry.

Henry is watching his Daddy feed him chicken pot pie from a coffee cup (we ran out of clean bowls – don’t judge)!

And we are watching them watch each other.

While we had a comfy, cozy, sweet Christmas, our Bubby was noticeably absent.  We love + miss you Bubby Joan!



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