a.m. kisses

This morning I was woken up with big open mouth lip kisses from Henry.  He slept in between us in the bed last night and woke up in a snuggly, loving mood.  I thought to myself, this is my favorite morning, EVER!

When he was a tiny baby, I used to cover him in kisses and tell him, “I can’t wait until you can kiss me back.”  And now, all he wants to do is smooch. It just makes my heart melt.


Whether he is blowing kisses, giving chicken peck kisses, or trying the put-your-whole-face-in-my-open-mouth type kisses, he is not one to be shy in showing his feelings of love.

The nanny says, “una besito (a kiss) por Maria” and he kisses her cheek or blows her a kiss.

This kid…

He is an old soul with a sweet, whole heart. I take it as my job to protect him so that he keeps his gentleness and kindness. always. and forever.



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