Breakfast with Hen

Finding new foods to try is always so fun.  

Finding new foods that don’t make their way on the floor after being thrown off the place setting to feed the dogs is NOT always so fun. 

Hen loves the eat but can very particular about texture and his mood.  

This morning we had peanut butter on whole grain toast (which ended up in a dog’s belly). 

We had blueberry yogurt, yum!

We had a half of a banana, which is also in a dog’s belly right now after being thrown from the table.  

Lastly, he had some beans, which are usually {one of} his favorite  snacks, but this morning he couldn’t be bothered with them  

Oh, well.  


All I can do is make sure he has what he needs.  If he doesn’t want to eat everything I put in front of him, I’m okay with that.  He’s nursing and drinking whole milk and water throughout the day so nutritionally, I feel that he’s getting what he needs.  

morning hair. dont care.

 Can we do better? Absolutely! However, it’s important to me that he have a good relationship with food and that means not forcing him to eat if/when he’s not hungry. 

Bon apetit!


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