Waking Up with My Man

My little eyeballs popped open today on their own.  I don’t believe it!!

After fourteen months of being woken up (unnaturally) every single time, I almost did a backflip to celebrate. 

…I didn’t do this in real life because I don’t know how to do a backflip. FYI. 

Anyway, I woke up and looked over and saw THIS…

My little man is snoozing away right next to me.  He must have “mom’s awake!” senses because he was up a few minutes after this photo!

…or was it the fact I used flash to help capture this moment forever. 

Totally worth it. 



Berkeley Style: You Are My Sunshine

When we leave the house, I try to experience every moment for the first time.  This means that I’m open to taking the long route, to stop and smell the roses, to explore, to really pay attention to my surroundings.

Sometimes when doing this, we find little gems like this alley art. #pictureperfect

The Day He Spotted A Basketball

If you don’t believe in love-at-first-sight then you haven’t seen these photos!  While packing up the stroller for a picnic at Treasure Island with friends, Henry spotted his daddy’s basketball in the trunk of the car.

He reached for it and the rest is history.  He hasn’t let it leave his sight.   Hen is currently holding it in his little lap sitting on the floor next to me while I type this.  Oh BOY!

 Still don’t believe me? We wanted to test out the “ball”

Still don’t believe me? We wanted to test out the “ball” and see if he would get the association if we were on a basketball court.  Well, I’m happy to report that he knew exactly what to do. Let’s say he learned it from television.  He and his dad have “guy time” when big sporting events are on TV and with the end of March Madness, Hen picked up a thing or two.

Our Berkeley Excursion

Over the weekend, Hen+I headed over across Bay Bridge to hang out in Berkeley with a few girlfriends.  From meeting sweet dogs, to trolling the streets, to testing out Ms. Laura’s new kitchen utensils,  Hen had quite the adventure.

In another phase of establishing his independence, Hen wants to WALK everywhere.  He reaches out his sweet little hand to hold mind and will even position it (correctly, according to him) so that we can walk hand in hand.

Berkeley Bum


Mr Independent

You may be horrified to know that by the end of our  excursion, Henry was laying on University Avenue in downtown Berkeley to take a nap.  He was DONE.  Poor guy. We are currently in this stage where he lays down wherever he is at the moment he starts to feel tired.  Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea given our urban lifestyle given the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area


Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea when living an urban lifestyle with the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area. I can not even think about it…


Sunday Dad Date 

On Sunday, K took Hen to our favorite play space, Playhaven, while I stayed home to meal prep and craft with my soul sister, Cookie D!

They met Hen’s best lady friend, Lizzie, and played until they both passed out.

They read books, ate lunch, climbed slides, and did arts and crafts.

Hen has become quite the little artist.  He paints and draws with the nanny during the week and has become one of his favorite activities.


The Tea Mouse

No matter how many times a day I sweep and mop, the floor always has some sort of speckle, spot, or stain on it.

Hen loves playing in the kitchen cabinets while I do laundry and meal prep. Today he chose the tea cabinet and the shiny aluminium can caught his attention – the tea jar!


He’s so stinking cute that I am more than happy to clean up any mess he creates.  When I think about how all the mess and chaos is a learning experience for him, it eases the anxiety I feel about things being out of place.

Makeup is a Luxury

Makeup is a luxury these days.  

There was a time in my life where I didn’t think I could exist without mascara and an eyelash curler. 

No wonder I feel so haggard these days! 

Today I made the decision to take the time to “feel pretty,” which for me means wearing red lipstick, eyeliner, and blush! Watch out, world!

Being the only parent home today, I had to be creative on how to entertain Hen so I could spend time on myself.  

Between playing with a roll of toilet paper, getting out the bath towels, playing in the Tupperware cabinet, and stacking fruit pouches, Henry left quite the mess behind. 

It’s a small price to pay to look and feel good. 


throwback thursday: 2 months old

This is a must post!  Throwback to this time last year when I had a tiny little adorable TWO-month-old.  That part of my life is such a bluuuurrrrrr. Blame lack of sleep. Blame being on cloud 9.  Blame the baby pinks, also known as post-partum mania.

Even at two months, lil’ Hen had the coolest hair, the brightest eyes, and the juiciest little lip.


Gah! I could stare at him all day long.

Wait, sometimes I do! True confession! And then when he goes to sleep, I sometimes continue to stare at his baby monitor, while also browsing photos of our past year together.

This guy is my world.  He is the brightest star in my universe.  He is the apple of my eye. We are two peas in a pod.