Thanks for Your Patience

As I’m busy rearranging the house to get the right “feel” for our family home, Henry is being very tolerant of being moved around the house from room to room to eat. (Thanks, bud).

I have this dream that we will sit around the table and eat our meals together but I can’t seem to get the house QUITE right. The {real} problem?  I don’t feel settled. I don’t feel PROUD of our current housing situation in terms of the material items in it, the decor, the feel, the smell, the ambiance…

I LOVE spending time at home with my family.  Whether we decide to dance to Bob Marley in our underwear or cuddle on the couch to read the same three books (for the 10 billionth time), my best memories and times are of the three of us being in our home.


I don’t love spending time in our house. I love being at home, but not in this home. How do I fall in love with that? How can I change my perspective so that I can turn my negative emotions and feelings into something positive? How do I FIX this?

I don’t know but am currently spending energy trying to figure it out.

On to a happier note, I want to brag about Henry (of course)! He’s my sunshine. My heart. My soul. My everything.

What you may not know is that THIS kid loves food. His favorites are bananas, hummus, bread (of any kind), and chicken.

He has such a gentle, kind heart that he can’t eat without tossing food down to the dogs so that no one feels left out. awwwwwww!!!!

Just look at that sweet sweet face!
It must be noted that we are now in the phase of “helping” which means he will bring me his shoes to put on his feet, bring me wipes to signal a diaper change, and now he likes to have a napkin so that he can clean his face and hands off after eating.



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