14 Months

Man, it just keeps getting better and better.  Motherhood is so much fun!  Stressful at times, but fun.  Is it because I get away with being a “kid” in an adult body?  Is it because I have this little guy who fits like a perfect little puzzle piece in my heart?

It is so strange because I almost don’t remember Henry being any other way than he is today.  I don’t remember the time when he was tiny and vulnerable and dependent on me for everything.  I almost can’t believe the photos and videos I see of our first few months together. Is that me?  Was I that person?  How can I not remember?  What I do know is that I have to be better about cataloging this information on the blog so that I don’t forget!


…so here goes!

At 14 months, Henry is a bubbly, friendly, social guy who loves to point at birds and airplanes and say, “LOOK!”

He says duck, moo, mommommom, quack, woof, dog, pa, FISH, and ball.

He loves animals, swings and slides at the park, dancing, doing the itsy bitsy spider hand movements, “reading” books, and exploring. He is our little adventurer.

mr. independent.


Henry is a chill, relaxed kinda guy who giggles his way through the day. He is SO MUCH FUN!

He loves oranges, apples, bananas, chicken, steak, string cheese, all types of beans, brussels sprouts, and zucchini.

He continues to have the sweetest little face.  When the nanny reports back that Henry is so friendly in the play groups and the other nannies love watching him, I puff up like a proud peacock.

Yes, I hope he is super smart. Yes, I hope he is strong.  Yes, I hope he has a strong spirit. But what I hope for most is that he is a good person with a friendly attitude.  So far, it looks like my wish, hopes, and dreams are being fulfilled. Check, check, and check!




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