Re-Living Our Best Moments

I could get lost in the photos of Henry on my computer, iPhone, Google Drive, DropBox, Snapfish, and everywhere else I have his little photos. The sad part is that I didn’t list off all of the places I have his photos because I can not even remember. They are everywhere but not organized yet.I came across a folder of photos on my G Drive the other day and had to post them here.

It’s annoying and frustrating but when I stumble across hidden/secret folders on my computer or Google Drive like I did the other day, it makes me glad that I’m living  my life with a little bit of unorganized chaos these days!

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My heart is so happy re-living these sweet, fun moments.  Life is the best with Henry Hayes in it!  It truly is…


Flower Child : A True San Franciscan

This kid is a true San Franciscan. He’s a nature lover and a flower child. I couldn’t be more obsessed with him if I tried. Every day I see his kind heart and pure soul, and it makes me love him more and more.

Fun Fact: This little red sweater was his daddy’s when he was his age.  #vintage #36yearsold



Little Artista

I handed Henry a chalk marker yesterday and he drew on the windows while I cleaned the house in preparation of tonight’s Seder dinner. 

Beautiful artwork, don’t you think?

little Artista

At this point, we are still trying to figure out if he is left or right-handed. Right now, he seems to be ambidextros, which I think is a toddler thing.  

livin’ for the weekends 

Like most families I know, we are working hard during the week and living for the weekend.

The weekend. With Henry.  


Uninterrupted time together.  Where we can do whatever we want. Hard to believe, but it’s true!

The weekends mean I get to stare at this sweet little face from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. How lucky am I?




This wild man of mine

He’s a wild man! There’s no ifs or buts about it. 

After fifteen months, life with  Henry is the best!  

Being in his company is 100x better than I could have ever imagined. I can’t get enough of him. 

…and here’s why!

  • He marches to the beat of his own drum. 
  • He is independent and able-bodied. 
  • His giggles…
  • He’s sharp as a tack (i.e. smart)
  • He’s kind-hearted. 
  • He’s a social butterfly and likes everyone 
  • He plays hard. And sleeps hard.  This kid gives 110% in every single thing he does. Signs of an overachiever? Maybe!

Stay bright!

No Peace + Quiet

Poor Henry!  He can’t even eat in peace.

If we aren’t on the move, he has the dogs to compete with every morning.   After he finished eating breakfast in his designated chair, he wanted a squeeze pouch as a snack.

How do I know he wanted it?

Well, he grabbed it off the kitchen shelf and sat against the door trying to open it on his own. He is such a looney toon!  But also, such a bright boy!  I’m constantly amazed at the things he has picked up in his short 15 months on this Earth – he’s amazing!

He so’s hilarious because he gives the dogs the side eye, just like they give him when they are eating and he is trying to terrorize them by the dog bowl.  It’s all equal in this household.


Throwback to when Hen was six months old

While browsing the photos on my computer yesterday, I came across a folder of photos from when Mr. Henry Hayes was six months old. On one hand, it seems like it was just yesterday. But then again, it feels like a lifetime ago because he has transformed into an independent PERSON. Even though my family still refers to him as “baby henry,” he is not a baby anymore!  Although, the saying is true…He’ll always be MY baby.  


Happy 15 Months

Today, Mister Henry Hayes is officially a 15-month-old.  

Henry continues to amaze us every moment his little peepers are open. 

He’s smart. Like…real smart.  

You show him something once, and he observes//learns//executes, without fail. 

He is a giggly little flirt with short little legs, a head full of curly dark-blonde hair, and a contagious smile. He melts hearts on-demand. Yep! He’s mine, all mine. 

These have been the happiest 15 months of my life, Cookey. It’s cheesy, but you’re my best friend. And I mean it!

Mama’s Note: You have a contagious laugh + smile and I adore your long eyelashes and your button nose.  The way you look at me with your big brown eyes melts me. Every. Dang. Time. 

You’re the best.  Simply, the best. 

A kind, sweet, loving soul. 

You’re my favorite.