{Pointer} Finger Food

Feeding Hen is always a fun morning task because he will try MOST things.  He first does a poke test to see if his little pointer finger likes the texture.

He then puts it in his mouth for the taste. If the texture and taste pass his test, he will eat it.  If it passes the texture test with his finger but feels weird in his mouth, he silently plucks it out and feeds it to the dogs.  What a nut!

Learning his little quirks is such an unbelievable experience. I see a lot of my quirks and pickiness in him. For his sake, I hope it’s just a phase.

His favorite foods this month are oranges, bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, hummus, egg scramble with mushrooms + onions, zucchini (warmed up), mozzarella string cheese, and shredded chicken.


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