Omg. Henry pushed out a new word yesterday when I was changing his diaper. He said, bob!

I have to be honest and tell you that I shed a few tears…of happiness.  I assume he was referencing “THE BOB!”

Bob Marley.


Hen has really loved dancing and turning circles and clapping his hands, and “snapping” his fingers (he tries), so I’m always singing, humming, or playing tunes for him to “practice” and to show off! I mean…How many (almost) 15-month-olds do you see grooving to his tunes?

Every morning at breakfast, I ask, Do you want Bob?  B-B-B-BOB-buh buh buh BOB! 

He is listening to my every word and storing it in his brain because I could see the little gears working when he tried to push it out of his little lips yesterday. BOB! I’m SO SO proud of this little guy.

My favorite. Always.


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