Happy 15 Months

Today, Mister Henry Hayes is officially a 15-month-old.  

Henry continues to amaze us every moment his little peepers are open. 

He’s smart. Like…real smart.  

You show him something once, and he observes//learns//executes, without fail. 

He is a giggly little flirt with short little legs, a head full of curly dark-blonde hair, and a contagious smile. He melts hearts on-demand. Yep! He’s mine, all mine. 

These have been the happiest 15 months of my life, Cookey. It’s cheesy, but you’re my best friend. And I mean it!

Mama’s Note: You have a contagious laugh + smile and I adore your long eyelashes and your button nose.  The way you look at me with your big brown eyes melts me. Every. Dang. Time. 

You’re the best.  Simply, the best. 

A kind, sweet, loving soul. 

You’re my favorite. 



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