Another ER visit, another virus

man o man. We’ve had a string of bad luck lately and I didn’t want to say it out loud or type it in the blog but perhaps that’s what I need to do to surrender and accept it and change  the course of luck to be GOOD. We sure could use it in our little household. 

Henry came home last week from the nanny with a red rash all over his body, a 103 degree temp and a lethargic disposition.  After not being able to reach our pediatrician, we took him into the children’s hospital ER in SF. 

I had it in my mind that everything was just fine and I’d make my weekly yoga class at 7:30 because two hours is enough time to figure this out…right? Well no, actually.  We checked in at 5 and left at 8:45pm. 

To get his fever down, they gave him Motrin and checked his vitals.  While we waiting for the fever to break, we watched half of finding nemo and the entire inside out movie. Our room at the hospital had a computer screen to watch tv, movies, play games, or anything else the little wanted to do to pass the time. 

Once the fever broke, Henry was a hot speckled version of himself.  While he still has the red bump rash from his head to his ankles, we were released with discharge instructions. 


Because he’s under the weather and we have to keep him hydrated, he slept with me last night so we could nurse – on – demand. 



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