Hammin’ it Up @Balboa Park

We spent yesterday at Balboa Park eating chips, playing basketball, and running around with your friend Clarita.  You climbed into her stroller and made yourself right at home!


The best thing about our time together (aside from your hugs + giggles) is seeing + hearing how mature you are!  You have conversations and can answer “yes” and “no” questions. You say, “please” and “thank you” and ask “what?” when you don’t understand something.  You learn by doing and love observing the big kids before doing something yourself by way of practicing.

I could brag about you all day long but it still wouldn’t be enough to convey how proud I am of you and your sweet, loving heart.

Academy of sciences aquarium 

Today, I met you and the nanny at the academy of sciences.  We shared pizza, mac+cheese, and apple juice.

We walked through the rainforest butterfly exhibit, pointed at rhetoric fish, stared at the albino alligator, played with bubbles in the courtyard, and had an arts and crafts session.  

I always have so much fun with you. Thank you for brightening my day, sweet boy.   

3 hours at St Mary’s Park

Yesterday’s visit was a cold, foggy day in San Francisco so while outside at the park wasn’t ideal + I caught a cold, I’d catch 10,000 colds in exchange for time with you.  

When I went to the bathroom at the park, I saw the open gym hours so me, you, and the nanny made ourselves at home to warm up. 

You loved watching the guys play basketball and had to show off your moves.  Like always, you were the star of the show.  

The truth? I was an emotional mess when I left you baby.  These supervised visits are humiliating. They are not for the faint of heart.

However, I will walk through fire to be with you and that is the truth. 


DAY 2: three hours @dolores park 

For today’s three hour visit, your nanny Maria and I played with you at Dolores Park under the sunshine and palm trees. 

You were hesitant to let me leave your sight as you were worried I wouldn’t be there when you looked back.  To compensate, you showed me your love with lots of hugs + embraces and demanded to hold my hand.  

You loved the big kid swing and laughed the whole time with a scrunched nose. 

I soaked up every moment of our time together and captured a few photos to burn into my eyes. I’m hoping it will tie me over until tomorrow’s visit. 

I was shocked at how much food you ate while we were together.  You loved your apple, which is also a new word of yours! 

App-pull.  It’s the cutest lil word I’ve ever heard spoken. 

Until our next supervised visit tomorrow, i will miss you every millisecond.  

The Best Three Hours 

Henry, you are so big. And so blonde. And so sweet.  And so beautiful.  The three hours we spent together dancing and clapping and reading and splashing and laughing were the BEST! 

I will miss you with my whole heart until we are reunited for another short three hours tomorrow.  

Your hugs and kisses and little voice saying “momma” will replay in my brain and provide a sliver of comfort. 

You are my world.