Cutie Patootie Alert!

This morning before I dropped you off at school, we did a walk by the water, which you loved. You snacked on your leftover bagel from breakfast and rested on the bridge. i was quick to snap a few photos of your beautiful face and great mood!


Thursday update: thriving at school

You continue to get high marks from Ms Dil regarding your skills and abilities at school. She was really proud of you today because after a week of trying, she got you to stay up close to the scheduled 1pm nap time as you’ve been too tired to function and falling asleep around 10 or 11. In montessori teaching, the mornings are for learning so its important to get those precious hours of learning in but of course you need to be awake to do so.

You love the trips to the park and point out all of the buses and firetrucks.

Today, you successfully carried the tray without spilling any water which  is a big milestone.

…And you’re cleaning up after yourself. Your teacher sent a snapshot of you rolling up your mat.

I love you and your accomplishments. xoxo

Montessori School: Day 3

You had a busy day at school today and many updates were posted! It was a windy grey day in the city and Miss Dil said you loved looking at the tree outside while saying “windy!”

Other updates included you doing a great job cleaning up after yourself, stringing a wooden “necklace” without help, building a castle on your own, having fun at the park, and enjoying seeing a construction site. 

You built this castle on your own

You successfully strung the beads

“Windy” is a new word of yours

You love plants and textures

Construction sites have you intrigued

Miss Dil said you are very intelligent and at a 2 year old level of learning. She thinks you are a pleasure, although VERY busy.  She said you never stop doing activities…you’re tiring her out!:)

She also informed me that you used the toilet on your own today! She was very impressed, although thinks it pure luck.  I know you’re a smart cookie and can’t wait to prove her wrong. She said boys usually learn to potty train around 2 years old.  

Our next steps are to transition you into pull ups and elastic pants so that you can easily pull them up and down on your own when needed. We will do this in the next 3-4 weeks, although I’m thinking it will be sooner as you are a fast learner and eager to do “big boy” things.

The Post School Daze

When I pick you up from school, you’re so exhausted.  You definitely play hard! 

You are one handsome, smart, funny little guy. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more.  I’m so proud of you. You’re my favorite. 

Playing in the Rain

When I picked you up from school today, we played in the library and then visited a coffee shop nearby to eat dinner together.  I packed us a chicken orzo dish I made this morning, bell peppers, hummus, an orange, and apple, peanut butter filled pretzels and applesauce. 

After dinner, you wanted to play in the rain with the umbrella. You are such a city kid.  

My little urbanite.


Swim Lessons: it’s official

Sunday was your very first swim lesson. Your dad signed you up for classes at his gym and while I’m jealous he gets to do your “first” official swim class with you, I’m happy you’re getting the lessons.

I took you swimming at three months old and every time we went, you fell asleep on my shoulder. I long for the time we are able to resume our normal activities. 

My little water bug.  

I snapped a few photos before the exchange because you were just too cute!

Your little beetle belly was out for all to see!

Choo Choo: Your First Caltrain Ride

We ride the Caltrain together today, and you loved it.  You kept saying, “choo choo” and spread out in your seat like you owned the place. 

We had a near meltdown when we arrived in SF because you did not want to get off the train. Once you saw everyone leaving you decided it was time we could leave too so you scooted off your seat and reached for my hand to escort you out.  

I love experiencing firsts with you! Xoxo

Pumpkin Painting Party (of 2)

You are loving pumpkins right now. When you see one, you point it out and say,”punkyyyyy.”

Knowing this, you and I picked some out yesterday during our time together to paint and display for Halloween. 

Every time I look at my kitchen counter and see your masterpiece on display, I smile thinking of us. 

Two little peas in a  pod. 

Sunday Night With My Man

We were able to spend some extra time together today, and it refueled my soul. 

We had a play date with Aunt Coco + Tater Tot where you giggled and played and ate together.  

My life is so much brighter when we are together.  Xoxo