Goodbye, Maria. 

Yesterday was Maria’s last day as Henry’s nanny.  She’s been a third parent to him since he was four months old and a huge influence on him.  All of the chaos and turmoil in our lives proved to be too much for her, which is understood, but still heartbreaking.  

Her absence will be felt forever. Those two had a special bond + now its over. I would be lying if I didnt acknowledge the fact that these emotional attachments ending so suddenly in Henry’s young life will have long term consequences. Without a choice, we will forge ahead and work through any issues that arise as they surface. If I had a tear left, I’d weep for the loss of their relationship. 

I wish I could say we had a fun goodbye party but instead our three hours together was full of chaos and sunshine at St Mary’s Park. 

We made the most of it by doing Henry’s favorite things – the slide, the swings, and basketball.  


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