Prepping for School 

Henry starts school tomorrow and in preparation, he had to get the polio vaccine. 

A quick trip to the health department and a sore leg later, he was vaccinated and ready for Montessori school. 

While he technically shouldn’t start until after his 2nd birthday, this little guy was accepted early! Woohoo!

In addition to his robust vocabulary, he knows his body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, ears) and can correctly identify his right and left hands and feet.  

He can eat with utensils and drink out of glassware like a pro. 

And yeah, I’m bragging about him! 

The things he needs to work on are naps when not on the move (stroller rides and car rides) and potty training, although I’m sure he will master these things in no time with the help of his teacher. 

I’m filled with excitement and anxiety at this big milestone. I can’t wait to be there with you at 8:30am to experience your “first day” of school.  Xoxo 


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