Montessori School: Day 3

You had a busy day at school today and many updates were posted! It was a windy grey day in the city and Miss Dil said you loved looking at the tree outside while saying “windy!”

Other updates included you doing a great job cleaning up after yourself, stringing a wooden “necklace” without help, building a castle on your own, having fun at the park, and enjoying seeing a construction site. 

You built this castle on your own

You successfully strung the beads

“Windy” is a new word of yours

You love plants and textures

Construction sites have you intrigued

Miss Dil said you are very intelligent and at a 2 year old level of learning. She thinks you are a pleasure, although VERY busy.  She said you never stop doing activities…you’re tiring her out!:)

She also informed me that you used the toilet on your own today! She was very impressed, although thinks it pure luck.  I know you’re a smart cookie and can’t wait to prove her wrong. She said boys usually learn to potty train around 2 years old.  

Our next steps are to transition you into pull ups and elastic pants so that you can easily pull them up and down on your own when needed. We will do this in the next 3-4 weeks, although I’m thinking it will be sooner as you are a fast learner and eager to do “big boy” things.


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