Baseball Fever in Denver

Your dad keeps sending me videos of you hitting a ball off a tee during your Thankgiving break! You caught baseball fever while in Denver and you’re a natural!

I took a few screenshots of our video chat yesterday and must remark on your crazy hair + perfect stance!


Thanksgiving: Thankful For You

You are the light of my life. xoxo

…even if you’re able to wear thr same turkey pants you wore last year.

…my little peanut man!

Missing You from Chicago

I just landed in Chicago and can’t stop the tears from falling. I miss you so much. Your daddy is sending me photos of your adventures and you look so happy.

Words can not express my grief of being a mother without her young son on the days leading up to thanksgiving. A holiday of expressing “thanks”and all I can do is grieve.

I miss you. xoxo

Sunday Streets: The Embarcadero

You and I took advantage of the beautiful, warm weather last weekend! Your swim lesson was canceled due to low PH balance in the pool (whatever that means) so we hit the Embarcadero for Sunday Streets after hitting the playground.

We had a picnic lunch overlooking the water while listening to live music and looking at boats and birds.

I love spending every moment with you. xoxo

Your Trip to Denver

You left today to fly to Denver with your dad. You will ne gone for none days, and my heart is weeping.

I packed you snacks, lunch, and activities such as “string the pasta.” You’ve never flown without me so I am a nervous wreck on top of being crushed we will be spending our first holiday apart. 

I escorted you to the airport telling you over and over again how much fun you’ll have on an airplane…

…flying in the sky!

…and that I love you. You told me you loved me back and gave me lots of smooches. I miss you already and will be aching with out you. My little sidekick. My shadow. My best friend. My baby! 

Friday Night Spaghetti Dinner

You are such a good eater! I feel like you are always eating! Yesterday afrer school, you ate sliced watermelom on the Caltrain.

And then when we got home, you ate more watermelon and some Goldfish crackers while I made us pasta! 

You kept yelling, “pasta!” You started eating with a fork before you realized how hungry you were and then went straight for the hands! 

I have honestly never seen food disappear so fast in my life! You’re a spaghetti head! 


Rain In the Bay – We Will Still Play

Today was a cool and windy day but that didn’t stop us from taking our walk! You demanded it so we strolled. There wasn’t much open so we walked a mile to Target to play with the toys and people watch! 

It was the perfect activity on this rainy day – you had a blast!

You played music for Elmo and helped sell three guitars because of your cuteness.

…and after lunch, we had to stroll home without a shirt because you spilled orange juice all over yourself. You’re such an amazing lil dude who just rolls with the punches.

…and you fell asleep holding the umbrella. You’re the best! xoxo

Park-kinda Morning

You were an early riser today so we hit the park to look at airplanes and get some fresh air.

I never get tired of looking at you and spending time together.

We can also mark this day as the day you used the potty! At 22 months and 1 day, you’re eager to “poo poo” in the toilet. We timed it perfectly today during bathtime, and you were so proud of yourself. You clapped your hands and said, “yay!”You are one in a million!