Sunday Dinner Date (s)

We have been eating dinner at restaurants together since you were days old and believe it or not, it keeps getting more fun.

On Sunday, we went to an Italian restaurant in Noe Valley where we shared veggie lasagna. You ate half a loaf of bread – you couldn’t get enough!

We played at a little park next door with a giant slide!

…aad then you walked your “dog” through the neighborhood.


The tiniest voter

Henry and I voted last night before a quick trip to the library and the grocery store. Waking up to the results is quite shocking…

Happy Halloween 

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and although holidays are different this year, I was sure that you “celebrated” in style. 

While dropping off donations to Goodwill, I took a gander at the costumes and found this handmade black bird costume for $2.99. It was perfect.

We rode the Caltrain into the city to drop you off at school and everyone complimented you on your awesome costume. You didn’t care as you only wanted to look out the window at the passing by trains and construction sites.

You are eating me out of house and home and because you wwante more food before school, we shared a bagel at Panera. I had to take your sweater off to eat because feathers kept making their way into your food and mouth.

…for reference, check out the sleeves.

When I picked you up from school, your teacher had proudly displayed a teal pumpkin you painted today.

Thank goodness you’re so forgiving because this morning you were not thrilled about your costume!

Even though you warmed up in no time!