An Asian Inspired Christmas Dinner

Our Christmas tradition is a movie and Chinese food but being in San Diego and having a little one in tow, this year was a bit different.

We took a walk through the neighborhood to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.
Then we headed to an Asian inspired restaurant where Henry ate kung pao chicken and drunken noodles. San Diego doesn’t have many options when it comes to Chinese food, but we found a good spot.

Hen is going through a growth spurt and eating so MUCH and so OFTEN! His palate is sophisticated and continues to impress us with the range of food he will eat (and try)!


Christmas Eve at the Hotel del Coronado

We visited the Hotel del Coronado on Christmas Eve where you had a blast watching the ice skaters, looking at the decorations, and running around by the beach.    

Eve of Christmas Eve road trip

We packed up the car and hit the road for a family trip to San Diego. We made many stops along the way to stretch our legs and get snacks as you have been VERY hungry lately. 

We made a stop at the Casa de Fruta in Hollister where you enjoyed dragging around the shopping basket and picking out snacks.     

Before we hopped back in the car, we took a look at the peahens (the female peacock) that freely roamed the area.  You were intrigued and looked on curiously.  

Worried about keeping your nap routine, you proved me wrong and fell asleep right on time.  With rain, traffic, and pit stops, the 8 hour drive took us almost 12, but you were a champ. 


Another Day of No School!!

Another day without your routine of school meant all day with momma. I did my best to keep your day full of activities so that you stay engaged.  

It was another cold day in SF so we headed to the library where you built structures with magna tiles.    
  Once it warmed up, we hit the park where you went down the slide (alone), swung on the swings, and shared your little car toys with the other kids at the park.  

You’re such a doll and a dream child. 

Your hair cracks me up! We hear people comment, “great hair!” many times a day! Sometimes it gets bigger than you are!! 

Big hair, don’t care!

For dinner, we had a date at the neighborhood taqueria where you are your own bean and cheese burrito.  I was impressed with your appetite and burrito eating skills!    


Daytime Fun, No School

With school being out for the end of the year, you and I get a lot of one on one time! 

Last week, we played in the city.  We saw the Christmas Tree in Union Square (again), visited the Fortune Cookie Factory in Chinatown and had lunch with your daddy.     
The restaurant didn’t have high chairs so we improvised! …a case of Coke it is!

  We viewed the tree from Macy’s where we had a (warm) view overlooking the square.  


We then made a quick trip to the dog park where you hammed it up and said, “baby doggy” a million times.    
 That night, we headed to an old friend’s house to catch up and eat macaroons. You made yourself right at home!



Mission Bay Montessori Holiday Party

Last Monday was the last day of school for 2016. To celebrate, your teacher had the parents over for a holiday song and dinner.  You and your classmate, Arlee, worked on the dinner part all day long.  

The dinner was gourmet and delicious. We had roasted chicken with vegetables, potato casserole, kale salad, and homemade Gingerbread with spices from Mis Dil’s home country of Sri Lanka. 

Miss Dill told us you did a great job helping and aimed to please!
When we arrived, you ran straight to me to get your mama time before your holiday concert where you played the drums to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

  And we admired the projects you’ve been working hard on all month long. Your artwork is displayed on the second row. 
Miss Dill had presents waiting for you under the tree. She gifted you a book and PlayDoh, which you loved. 

You love school so much that instead of eating with us, you “worked!” You’re such a show off and the apple of the teacher’s eye. 


Netflix + Chillin’

I worked an event last weekend for my event planning company, and you stayed home with Dad. The two of you watched Finding Dory and sent me this update photo.

I mean…could you be any cuter? Your tiny little arms! Your wild post-nap hair! Your sweet face! Xoxo

Model Man

It doesn’t get much cuter than this! You and I had an impromptu photo shoot the other day when you were sportin’ your fleece track suit.

You are so adorable and so MUCH fun.