Mission Bay Montessori Holiday Party

Last Monday was the last day of school for 2016. To celebrate, your teacher had the parents over for a holiday song and dinner.  You and your classmate, Arlee, worked on the dinner part all day long.  

The dinner was gourmet and delicious. We had roasted chicken with vegetables, potato casserole, kale salad, and homemade Gingerbread with spices from Mis Dil’s home country of Sri Lanka. 

Miss Dill told us you did a great job helping and aimed to please!
When we arrived, you ran straight to me to get your mama time before your holiday concert where you played the drums to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

  And we admired the projects you’ve been working hard on all month long. Your artwork is displayed on the second row. 
Miss Dill had presents waiting for you under the tree. She gifted you a book and PlayDoh, which you loved. 

You love school so much that instead of eating with us, you “worked!” You’re such a show off and the apple of the teacher’s eye. 



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