Henry’s 2nd Birthday//January 10, 2017

We celebrated Henry’s second birthday yesterday, and I was in cloud 9! We picked him up from school early as they had aMontessori  celebration where he walked around a sun holding the Earth two times to celebrate his two years on Earth.  

We were encouraged to bring photos and treats for the kids to add to the celebration.  When we showed up, Hen didn’t want to participate in doing his walk around the “sun” and cried when songs were sang in celebration. 

After the celebration, we took him to an Ethiopian restaurant where we could all eat with our hands. We showed up before the restaurant opened so killed some time in a bookstore next door where Henry wanted a croissant. Being his birthday, we treated him to the huge pastry, which he ate in its entirety and spoiled his appetite. 

Instead of eating, Hen played with his food.  He was intrigued by the spongey “bread.”

Happy Birthday Hen! I’m so thankful we were able to celebrate as a family.  You received warm wishes from friends and family near and far and a video chat/happy birthday song from your Aunt Casey, Uncle Chad, +cousins Mac and Roni in Chicago.  



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