HH is TWO//his checkup

Henry is two and tons of fun.  We took him to his two year checkup yesterday where we found out he is perfectly normal.

He has a big brain as his head is still in the 99th percentile!  He is a petite little guy who weighs 24 lb 7.9 oz (11%) and his height is 33.27″ (29%).
He was vaccinated for the flu and cried when he saw the doctor.

Afterward, we treated him to dinner and made a quick pit stop at the Nike store in Union Square so his daddy could exchange his basketball shoes. Hen carried the shoes around the store saying, “mine!”

And then he found a basketball which he HAD to have to show off his skill.

 He tried to stretch out his lil body while playing pretend basketball. This kid loves ball! 

The patrons and employees were accommodating to our lil busy body + even cheered him on! Thanks for being cool about our wild child.  They are only little once!:)



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