Sick Day : Mom + Hen Date

Hen stayed home from school today to go to the doctor about a persistent cough and drainage of the nose that his teacher insisted needed attention.  

We started the day off with breakfast (chicken apple sausage and watermelon) and a trip to Fort Funston for a hike by the ocean + a dog walk. 

We did some drawings and made sticker artwork. 

We made an acai bowl for a late morning snack and chomped on pomegranate seeds. 

 We then made our way to the doctor where Henry weighed in at a consistent 25 pounds and was diagnosed with sinusitis, which will be treated with antibiotics and probiotics. 

After leaving the doc appointment, we headed to Golden Gate Park to look for turtles at Stow Lake. 

He is such a ham! We had such a ball eating our lunch on a picnic table overlooking the boats in the water while counting turtles. 


We zipped home for nap time. When he woke up a few hours later, I had food waiting for him – chicken teriyaki rice + vegetables with a side of watermelon, apples, peanut butter-filled pretzels and a cup of apple apple juice (as Hen likes to say)!   

We then hopped in the car to pick up his prescription at the pharmacy. 

We then drove to the gym to go for a swim. Hen has been loving water and baths since we returned from Hawaii so couldn’t wait to get him in the water. 

After splashing around and having a poop explosion on the steps to the pool, we showered and headed home for dinner and bedtime. 

Henry has been asking for pizza the past few days so we made pizza bagels for dinner and loved every minute of it. 



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