Last Week’s Picnic

Posting about our picnic tonight reminded me of our picnic last week, which was less formal but still a blast! 

I made some spaghetti with chicken sausage and packed it in his lunchbox with a banana, a side of “extra” chicken sausage, and two applesauces. He thought he was something eating his spaghetti and twirling the noodles around the fork like a pro.  

…and he’s at this stage where he wants to be independent and “on his own,” which is evidenced by this photo of him eating on a step alone.  He kept throwing out his hand saying, “go, go!” And when I didn’t listen, he relocated by climbing two huge steps so he could eat on his own. 


He never ceases to amaze me.  He knows SO much that everyday I am blown away by his wealth of knowledge and skills.   
And believe it or not, this kid loves seaweed snacks! Ewwwww! He didn’t get that from ME!!!!;)  


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