Picnic Dinners

After months and months of cold and rain, we are taking advantage of all of the sunshine San Francisco has been getting the past few days. 

To soak up the extra hour of daylight and the warmth, Hen and I had a picnic dinner.  I made lemon pepper chicken in the crockpot and put it over rice, packed a string cheese, some veggie straw “chips”, an applesauce, yogurt covered raisins, a water bottle, and an acai bowl with granola and pomegranate seeds on the side. 

We ate while overlooking the water in China Basin/Mission Bay. 


Hen is loving pomegranate seeds these days.  We have them plain and add them to our acai bowl for a quick treat.   
When we got home, we walked the dogs, snacked some more, and read books in our underwear. Henry has always been a bookworm but lately it’s been so intense (which is a good “problem” to have).

 He’s even reading to himself these days.   

From morning until night, he has a book in his little hands. This morning he was learning about San Francisco in a counting book, which he read the entire 15 minute ride to school. 

You’re my world. I’ll do everything I can to make sure you always have something to read, my dear sweet baby. Xoxo



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