Our Whirlwind Weekend – South Lake Tahoe, CA

It’s Monday – blah!

But the good news is that I am having a blast reminiscing about our weekend.  On Friday, we headed up to South Lake Tahoe, CA where Henry and his sweet friend, Lizzie, saw snow for the firs time. I absolutely love FIRSTS!


Speaking of firsts…

This was my first trip/vacation with a family who has a babe around Hen’s age.  It was an absolute blast and a great FIRST experience.


I don’t know how we did it, but we packed in EVERYTHING we wanted to do in a short amount of time.  We took the babies sled riding, the dads took them up the mountain in a gondola, the moms luxuriated with massages, tv time, and a dip in the hot tub. We ate great food, had awesome conversations, and had the best time watching Henry + Lizzie play together.



Mark this under my new favorite hobby – #1 is watching Hen + Lizzie interact.



Weekend Fun: Palace of Fine Arts


Last weekend, we went to the beach and explored the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina district.  It was unplanned and completely spontaneous but everything fell into place that day.

Well, almost everything!  We did forget the stroller. Oops! We easily fixed that {problem} by popping into Target and buying him a $20 umbrella stroller.

This kid loved his new wheels!

The Palace of Fine Arts ended up being the perfect stop in our city walk because we had the chance to get up close and personal with the ducks, geese, and swans.  Weirdly enough, Henry woke up that morning saying the word, “duck,” which of course sounds like a different word entirely. We knew it was “duck” because he pointed to the duck photos in his picture books.

Thanks for the help, man! Phew


Moody Mondays

Talk about the Monday BLUES! Ugh, after taking a month-long leave from work, it is hard to get back into the swing of things.  Add to that the amazing trip we just returned from yesterday + this Monday feels extra-BLAH!

To help me ease into the routine of Henry returning back with the nanny during the day, I can not stop looking at our vacation photos.

This animation has been bringing a smile to my face all dang day.  Hen is such a little ham + loves being a California baby.




Road Trip {impromptu}

With a fractured foot and a doctor’s order to stay off my feet, my husband was tired of being “bossed” around, and I was going stir crazy so…

We decided to pack the car and drive down the coast for a few day-long road trip.  

We left San Francisco around 5:30pm yesterday and ended our night’s drive in Paso Robles, CA. 

 After breakfast at the hotel, we hit the road and are now en route to Santa Barbara for some beach time and lunch.    

We made a quick stop at the quirky Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and snapped a photo.  


We will eventually make our way to Carlsbad for Legoland’s NYE celebration and then the beaches of San Diego. 

Drive on…

The Sports Fan


I took Henry to the neighborhood gym over the weekend to watch his Daddy play basketball.

He must’ve thought the game was a nail biter because he stood by the railing the entire game.  He would stick his little hands through the top opening and yell, “Heeeeyyyyyyyyy” until someone paid attention to him. Lots of high fives later, he was a hit at the rec center while he hammed it up.

Afternoon Fun @The Pelican Inn

On weekends, we plan activities to get us out of the house and exploring our favorite parts of the Bay Area.  A few weekends ago, we went to Pelican Inn at {Muir Beach}.


We literally sat on a blanket for three hours while we basked in the sunshine and watched Henry interact with all of the other blanket loungers at the Inn.


The Nine Month Check-Up

Our little turkey is growing up! It’s hard to believe, but he just went to his nine (9) month check up.


His stats are as follows:

Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz (36.58%, Source: WHO)

Height: 29.21″ (73.39%, Source: WHO)

Head Size: 18.82″ (97.82%, Source: WHO)

While his big head circumference is off the charts, he is a little small fry! I’m always shocked when people say, “He’s only nine months? He’s so big!!”  I want to scream, “No, he isn’t. He’s in the 36% percentile, lady!” For some reason, people calling him a big baby really IRKS me.  If you’re going to comment on his size, the best response would be to say, “He’s the perfect size.”

What’s new with his milestones?  There are so many!

For one, he is standing on his own.  He’s been hanging on to things with just his fingertips on one hand for a few weeks now, but, as of Halloween Day, he can now stand on his own without holding on to anything.

We were at a party when it happened and 25+ people witnessed it.  How cool!


He is just SO amazing.

I seriously say this to myself at least 96x a day. Really, I do! Every single day is something new with him.

…new sounds/words

…new milestones reached

…new facial expressions

…new foods consumed

…new adventures explored

new. new. new.

The funniest new thing he’s doing is squeezing himself into {incredibly} tight spaces.

…like in between a sliding glass door and a high chair.

I mean…


What did he think would happen?  Where did he intend to go?  Why on Earth would he even try this?

I have no idea, but he is adorable while he does it!