The Tea Mouse

No matter how many times a day I sweep and mop, the floor always has some sort of speckle, spot, or stain on it.

Hen loves playing in the kitchen cabinets while I do laundry and meal prep. Today he chose the tea cabinet and the shiny aluminium can caught his attention – the tea jar!


He’s so stinking cute that I am more than happy to clean up any mess he creates.  When I think about how all the mess and chaos is a learning experience for him, it eases the anxiety I feel about things being out of place.


Throwback Thursday: July 10, 2015

On July 10th, 2015, we welcomed my niece, McKinley Lynn, to the family.  Her arrival marked the end of Henry being the baby of the family. I feel like he was okay with “passing the torch,” so to speak.

henry 1

Her {nearly} 2 year old brother didn’t want anything to do with her and could’ve cared less about her arrival, but Henry welcomed her with open arms.

Henry even teached her how to “love” the swaddle!

henry with mckinley

And to introduce her to the e-world, this is Ms. McKinley Lynn.

My niece and Henry’s cousin.

mckinley side lying beanbag mckinley eyes open beautiful white rose

Check out her flower child romper – she’s so stylish!mckinley awake full rose romper-2

Henry in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Over the weekend, we traveled to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to celebrate the nuptials of one of my very best childhood friends. This was Henry’s first wedding, and he had a blast!  Now that he can sit up on his own, he is very independent and wants to be in his own space.  This is great because it clears my hands and allows for cute photo ops, like this one!


Photo Credit: Joseph Green Studios

Truth be told, seconds after this photo was taken, this little cutie next to him stood up and ran away.  She was SO over Henry & his stealing of the spotlight.

And a photo recap of our trip –

IMG_2772 IMG_2771 IMG_2760 IMG_2770 IMG_2750 IMG_2733 IMG_2732 IMG_2731 IMG_2730 IMG_2728 IMG_2727 IMG_2726

my friend, the {pink striped} pig

We try to take a minimalist approach to the amount of toys and “things” we have in our small San Francisco apartment, but it seems that we still tend to accumulate things.

One of those “things” is a pink, striped, stuffed pig. Although the recommendation is for 3+, it’s made its way into Henry’s little arms.

     It seems the pig may be here to stay. Guess I better start thinking about names for it.

The Mohawk: Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

Everyone wants to know if we style Henry’s hair and the answer is “heck no!”  He has a little tuft at the top of his head that has a mind of its own and looks different every single day.

Sometimes he sports a comb over, sometimes a mohawk, & sometimes it sticks straight up and makes him look like a Dr. Seuss character.  We realize that his hair will eventually fall out and be replaced with new hair but until then, we will let it be wild and add character!

The following photos are the result of wiping him down with a baby wipe after a tongue bath from the dogs.

IMG_0346 IMG_0350 IMG_0360And yes, it is true! Henry is usually sans clothes.  He is a true California boy and a heater box so instead of making him uncomfortable in his sweaty clothes, we often leave him clothes-less.

That time…with the cousins

It is hard to believe that “cousin-fest 2015” was a month ago already. This, of course, is not an actual event but one that I made up to sum up the play date between Hen and his cousins.

The play date consisted of creating music on make-shift instruments (using wooden spoons, pots&pans, and Tupperware), exploring faces with little hands, and alternating nap schedules.

I could sit and watch them “play” for hours.

Watch out! It’s the Baby Train.

play date : Beer, BBQ, + Babies

we headed south of San Francisco today to a friend’s house for beer, BBQ, & babies. Four babies aged two months, three months, five months and eight months had an exhausting afternoon drooling over shared toys and taking turns napping.


Henry was quite the ladies man being the only male baby but was a perfect gentleman and let the ladies rule the roost.  I taught him well!;)                           

A Pool Party for Our Teeny, Tiny Hoomans!

With the summer heat in the DC area, it was a no brainer to spend an afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend with our dear friends for a baby pool party.  Henry was the youngest one there but that didn’t stop him from observing the older babes and grabbing for their toys.

I could watch him play!unnamed-5unnamed-4unnamed-3unnamed-2

For Fun: Late Afternoon Pool Party

When you have a house full of family and little ones in tow, it takes some creativity to reduce stress and anxiety, while also keeping the littles engaged.  Because of this, we had an impromptu late afternoon <baby> pool party.

Since {Baby Beetle} and his 9month old cousin are little water bug babies, we had some fun in the sun after manually blowing up a rainbow inflatable pool and transporting several pots of warm water to the yard to fill it.

Our dedication to the baby fun was on point!

With my iPhone in hand, we got some great photos of the two splashing around.

Enjoy the adorableness you are about to see with your little eyes!


{Cousin Pool Party}

cousin water bugs


{Water Bug}

Float On,