Henry’s Private Tent

We live an active lifestyle that keeps us outside most days. Because of this, we are very careful about the direct sun exposure Henry gets while we are out.  I purchased this cute little tent at a yard sale for a few bucks and take it everywhere!

Whether we’re at the beach, the playground, or a brewery, we can just pop it up and plop him in it.  He is LOVING it!
IMG_3806 IMG_3807

He loves it so much that it makes him worry about “life on the outside!”

IMG_3593 IMG_3595IMG_3591 IMG_3596


GoodBye Crib: Montessori-ish Style

We got rid of the crib over the weekend.

Yep, I disassembled it myself and was sad because for something that took two people four hours to put together, it took less than twenty minutes to take apart. It was very anti-climatic, to say the least.

Anyway, Hen now has a mattress on the floor so that he can explore his surroundings and not be “caged.”  His little room is adorable and he loves pulling at the rug, rubbing his hands on the blanket, and pulling himself up on everything in the room.

Even though we are still co-sleeping at this point, we are trying to transition him to his own little room where he can sleep, self-soothe, and play when he wants.

When we shared photos with our family, their reaction was “WHY?” My answer, “why not?


They ask, Won’t he crawl out? I respond, Yes, probably!

They ask, How will you keep him in bed? I respond, We won’t! He will have full access to his room, toys, and belongings to explore and learn in his own space.IMG_2125 IMG_2128 IMG_2132

Frankly, we are loving his room. It is so inviting, fun, and totally fits our little Hen. We now spend our evenings in there playing, reading, and exploring.IMG_2144 IMG_2143

Melon Head: A Photo Experience

To slowly start the transition to solid food + also relieve teething pain, we turned to the Boon teething feeder.  After adding a little melon, putting it in the freezer for an hour, and handing it to Henry, it was a huge success.

Here is the the play-by-play experience in photos:            

play date : Beer, BBQ, + Babies

we headed south of San Francisco today to a friend’s house for beer, BBQ, & babies. Four babies aged two months, three months, five months and eight months had an exhausting afternoon drooling over shared toys and taking turns napping.


Henry was quite the ladies man being the only male baby but was a perfect gentleman and let the ladies rule the roost.  I taught him well!;)                           

Must Haves: Baby Gear Edition

baby gear

1. Bugaboo Cameleon: This, in my opinion, is the Cadillac of strollers.  The attachable bassinet is perfect for a newborn and provides a ton of shade to protect baby from the elements. Trails? Sand? Uneven sidewalks?  Not a problem with this stroller!  It magically glides right through the city without waking up the sleeping baby.

2. 4moms RockaRoo™: Wow! This “swing” has been a Godsend.  Due to an error on the checkout tag at Target, I got this swing at a steep discount.  However now that we have it and know how much baby loves it, I would definitely pay full price. For the first three weeks of Baby Beetle’s life, he slept in it at night giving us 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time. Now that he has better vision, he loves staring at the attached mobile, which provides hours of entertainment for him.  It must be nice to be so easily entertained!

3. Beco: In full disclosure, this carrier came recommended to me and was the only one I tried. I love it as it provides great support for my back and baby loves it because it is comfortable and keeps him close.  It also doesn’t hurt that they come with cute designed fabric to ensure you stand out from the crowd.  As it so happens, this is the chosen baby carrier in the mom group I attend on Tuesday afternoons.

4. Chicco KeyFit® 30 Zip Emerald™: This was a generous gift from my sister and I’d highly recommend it.  Not only is it an eye catcher, but it is lightweight.

Lightweight =  Easy to Carry.

We started with an old Graco car seat but found it difficult to get Baby Beetle in and out of it. After those difficulties, this Chicco carseat really stands out for its ease, especially when installing it in the car.

Stroller Wars: Let’s Roll


Who knew that picking out a stroller could be more difficult than car shopping?  I sure didn’t!  There are way too many options out there and for someone as indecisive as I am, it seems like an impossible task.  Around the city, I’ve seen my fair share of Orbit strollers and Uppababy strollers.  I absolutely love the look of both of them and with a comparable price tag, I will have to take these for a “test roll” soon.

If we look at the review from Baby Gear Lab, it would seem that the Uppababy stroller is a clear winner.  Image

But because I can’t just take someone’s word for it, I will have to see for myself.  Let the stroller research/shopping begin!

Happy Shopping,