My Favorite Person is HH

there’s no denying it! HH has completely taken up my entire heart.  As I see a new milestone being reached e v e r y single d a y, I forget how little he really is. How young. How tender. How innocent. How pure.

He acts much older than his age, and I treat him as if we are equals, not like he is a baby.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 6.46.13 PM

{<currently my favorite photo in the history of photos}>


A Beachy Afternoon With My Main Squeeze

On Saturday, Hen and I hit the beach to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.  Packed with sunscreen and a sunshade tent, we had a lovely afternoon looking at the sea lions, picking up seashells, playing in the sand, and watching all of the beach goers.Henry at the Beach

Of course we had to stop playing to fit in an afternoon snack! Priorities, people! Priorities!

hensat7 hensat6

We had to document our day with a beach selfie!hensat4

…and his little hand!  OMG! My heart melted.hensat3 hensat2hensat1 hensat

It took at least ten minutes for Hen to feel comfortable enough to come out of the tent and explore. He was making the most hilarious faces so I had to snap a photo!

hen in tent2

Once he was out, he LOVED the sand, the rocks, the seashells, the birds, the planes, the other kids, and the waves in the ocean, as evidenced by the photos above.

hen in tent