I Like Good Books + I Can Not Lie


Henry is a big bookworm!  He is always going straight for the books and leafing through them to look at the pictures. He sometimes babbles while evaluating each page, which makes it seem like he is reading.

It is beyond adorable.

We’ve started going to the library each week to stock up on more books to keep him interested.

One observation I’ve made is that the books he grabs from his room are the ones I read to him at night when he was a few months old.

Let me be honest, reading to a newborn/infant seems pointless when you are doing it because they just kind of lay there while you listen to your own voice and you feel absolutely ridiculous. BUT, I did it anyway and am now reaping the benefits – yes, several months later.

Grab the books. Get cozy. And read. read. read.





Despite the fact that this photo makes Henry look unhappy, I assure you no babies were hurt in the making of this post!;)

His face is a direct result of a lemon!

My 23 month old nephew loves lemons and has ever since he was an infant. Because of this, I wanted to see how Hen felt about it…

The result? Not sure…but he didn’t hate it. 

The thing I didn’t think about is that Henry would be tired and rubbing his little eyes in the middle of the “experiment.” 

Rubbing eyes + lemon juice hands = ouchy, burning eyeballs

Silly me. 

He’s {Almost} A Man on the Move

man on the move

For the past two months, Henry has been testing his leg strength and absolutely loves standing. He loves it so much, it is darn near impossible getting him in a seated position for the bath + carseat.

When holding his little hands, he can take steps, albeit wobbly!  But he can most definitely move his little feet in the walking motion – One foot in front of the other.

I’m not sure why he insists on growing up so fast but apparently he has places to be!

Don’t stand in his way.