Pen + Hen

Henry and I switched up our morning stroller rides today by bringing along Ms. Penny Lane.  Typically she is a couch potato who doesn’t want to crawl out from under a blanket but today she made moves indicating she wanted to join so we packed her in the stroller and went on our way.

Penny is Henry’s favorite dog (+mine too). I adopted Penny Lane after she was saved from a hoarding situation in Indiana back in February 2007.  She was a breeding machine who was malnourished and afraid of her own shadow.  Since that time, she’s come out of her shell and now rules the roost…and our household.



Three Dogs + a Baby Ain’t Easy

When you live in a small apartment in San Francisco and have three(3) dogs and a baby, life isn’t always easy. 

However, seeing Henry’s face light up when he sees the “fur-babies” is worth every headache, frustration, and overwhelmed feeling it may bring. 

To say he loves his dogs is an understatement.                


The Flying All Star


unnamed-4Our cross-country flight from DC to SF was so perfect that I completely forgot about it until just now.  Henry was a dream!  He slept the majority of the flight but when he wasn’t sleeping, he was wooing the other passengers and taking in all of the different faces.

I was so surprised by all the time I had available to me that I didn’t know what to do with my free time.  Once I snapped out of the fog and realized that I should take advantage of the baby sleeping, I popped in earphones and watched the movie, “Nightcrawler,” which I highly recommend!

Armed with a few toys, clean diapers + wipes, pumped breast milk, a cool outfit, and a swaddle, we were flying champs!  It goes without saying that we impressed the heck out of our fellow passengers with how well it went!  They weren’t shy in letting us know how crazy we are to fly with a senior dog and an infant across the country but were happy we kept our little circus in check!:)

cross country flight

hen + Wally