Our Halloween Told In .Gifs


He hated that damn mustache.

Like..HATED it.

Our costumes were circus themed-ish and were as follows:

Me: French Mime

Daddy Beetle: Banana

Baby Henry: Strong Man


The SugarSkull Baby 

Talk about problems!

We have two Halloween events this year but only one costume idea.  Oh no!

Because I don’t want to spoil the main “costume” on a Friday night stroll through the neighborhood for candy, I took a looksee through our stuff and came up with the idea is sugarskulls for our family costume.

…think Day of the Dead! 

This morning, Henry modeled the sugar skull “mask” I made him.  A few more tweaks, and it will be ready for Friday’s festivities.

Total cost – $0!

I had all the materials on hand.

A headband. Felt. Fabric glue. And a needle + thread. Done!

Throwback: Valentines Day 2015

vdayBeetle and I had a family day out with our little Valentine on February 14th.  Typically this is my least favorite holiday because I feel that every single day should be Valentine’s Day with your significant other, however this year is different with our little man.

We celebrated by having brunch @Greens, strolling around the city, and snacking on cupcakes and coffee.