Henry, The Goat Whisperer

SF is experiencing a heat wave, and it is serious!  Most SF apartments/houses don’t have air conditioning so this means we need to get out of the house to get some relief from the heat!

Luckily, Henry can still sleep on-the-go so we are able to leave the house for all day adventures.  Up on Sunday was the zoo, and in particular the “family farm” petting zoo.  Seeing how much joy Henry has when he sees our dogs, I thought he would LOVE this activity.  Unfortunately, he was a bit scared and clung onto me for dear life!

While the other children were rushing up to brush and pet the goats, we kept our distance but that didn’t keep them from coming right up to Henry on their own.

hen7 hen8 hen6 hen9 hen3hen5 hen hen4 hen2


Mama & Baby Afternoon

Because I’ve been away on work travel, I was needing some 1:1 time with Mr. Henry Hayes!  After a few hours of work, we headed to downtown San Francisco to play tourist for a day and stroll around in the sunshine.

We played with leaves in Washington Park in North Beach. We said HELLO to the sea lions at Pier 39. We got a coffee in Fisherman’s Wharf. We looked at the boats in the Bay and snapped photos of Alcatraz Island.  In short, we had an AWESOME day.

From the smiles and giggles I got from him, I would say that he was wanting some Mama-time too!IMG_3440IMG_3509 IMG_3505 IMG_3501 IMG_3492 IMG_3486 IMG_3473 IMG_3467 IMG_3460 IMG_3456 IMG_3453

Carry Me Away: A Daydreamer’s Thoughts

Everyone always says, Having a baby really changes your life.

I haven’t really been able to relate as I never thought that was true – Henry always fit into our lives and routines and adventures. Perfectly.

However, lately, I’ve been wanting more!  We have a comfortable, cozy little life in a small space in San Francisco, and although you can’t beat the culture, proximity to everything, being two miles from the beach, the food, the people, the weirdness, the amazing weather, etc., it is such a high cost to live here.

A cost on relationships. A cost on any sort of savings plan. A cost on leisure travel.

In reality, it is a  cost on every aspect of our lives.  

Until now, it always felt worth it…but where Henry changes things is that I suddenly want MORE!

I want to be near family, not living on the opposite coast being okay with quarterly visits.

I want Henry to grow up with his cute cousins.

I want a house.

I want a yard.

I want a luxury car.

I want a guilt-free vacation fund.

None of that is happening in San Francisco, where a nanny for an infant costs $25,000/year and paying $3,000/month for a two bedroom apartment is a steal.

It was always MORE than enough. But now, it isn’t.  Yes, I realize all of the stuff I outlined above is just that…STUFF!  But for some reason my wants/needs/goals have changed, and all I want is a simple, relaxed, comfortable life sitting on a porch drinking sweat tea while watching Henry play in the yard with his cousins, neighborhood friends, and the dogs.

I can’t explain the shift. I can’t explain the change of heart.

I want MORE for Henry.  If it were just me and my husband, the California living is a DREAM, with a capital D!

But… I want to be able to provide for Henry in a way that doesn’t cause stress to relationships and a constant “grind” that keeps us away from him most of the day.  Again, that isn’t happening while living in the most expensive city in the country.

So, I’ve been dreaming. Dreaming of where “our place” would be.

The answer? I have no idea!

I love California living but it is too far away from family.  And again, very expensive.

My twin is moving to Chicago in a few weeks but it is WAY too cold and I’m not that keen on going back to the Midwest – talk about culture shock!

My sister-in-law lives in Denver so that could be an option, but again…the snow and cold weather makes it less than desirable for me.

Portland? Too far from family.

Austin? No, not Texas.

Los Angeles? Again, far away from family + expensive, still.

Is it possible to be happy ANYWHERE? I don’t know. One part of me thinks that if I have my family, close friends, Henry, and the pups, that would be enough.


What if it isn’t?

Just for the sake of daydreaming, let’s compare $550,000 houses in and around a few “could be” places. Let’s compare.  I’m looking at real estate in select cities. The only criteria I’m filtering for is that it is $550,000 or less, has at least 3 bedrooms, and at least 2 bathrooms.


Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.38.17 PMThoughts? Umm…absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful! My type of house!

ChicagoScreen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.20.17 PMThoughts? Whoa! That is a whole lot of house and beyond gorgeous! I love it! However, this huge, gorgeous house isn’t enough to convince me to put up with the below 0 temperatures in Chicago winters. Thanks, but no thanks! Sorry Sis!

hike for humanity

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.28.43 PMThoughts? Beautiful.  And the culture of Portland seems to be similar to San Francisco, however the clouds, drizzle, and grey skies would make me have a bad case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, for sure!

San Francisco

Welp, I’ve got nothing for you!  At the time of this post, there was not one single property that matched the criteria of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath under $550,000 in San Francisco on Redfin.com.  None. Nada. Not ONE!

*le sigh*

The {Baby} Neighbor

We had a dinner party at our neighbor’s house this week and had a blast watching the boys play.  Believe it or not, the baby beside Henry is one month and thirteen days YOUNGER than Henry.  Yes, I said younger!

At 21+ pounds, the baby neighbor looked even bigger in person, especially compared to our little peanut man.jackandhen They had a blast touching each other’s faces, sharing toys, and having “baby-talk” conversations amongst themselves.jack and hen 2

Picnic in the Presidio 

We celebrated Father’s Day with a picnic in the Presidio. On Sundays, they host a big picnic with food trucks, tents, and beverages, which is super family friendly.

It seemed that most blankets were filled with food, wine, and at least one baby in tow.

We enjoyed the sunshine, an array of delicious food (like a grilled peach), and watching Henry blow raspberries + roll around the blanket.   

Throwback: Valentines Day 2015

vdayBeetle and I had a family day out with our little Valentine on February 14th.  Typically this is my least favorite holiday because I feel that every single day should be Valentine’s Day with your significant other, however this year is different with our little man.

We celebrated by having brunch @Greens, strolling around the city, and snacking on cupcakes and coffee.