Weekend Fun: Palace of Fine Arts


Last weekend, we went to the beach and explored the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina district.  It was unplanned and completely spontaneous but everything fell into place that day.

Well, almost everything!  We did forget the stroller. Oops! We easily fixed that {problem} by popping into Target and buying him a $20 umbrella stroller.

This kid loved his new wheels!

The Palace of Fine Arts ended up being the perfect stop in our city walk because we had the chance to get up close and personal with the ducks, geese, and swans.  Weirdly enough, Henry woke up that morning saying the word, “duck,” which of course sounds like a different word entirely. We knew it was “duck” because he pointed to the duck photos in his picture books.

Thanks for the help, man! Phew



lazy day vibes : playhaven

We were feeling SUPER lazy yesterday, however we still wanted to get Henry out of the house so we headed to our favorite indoor play space in SF, playhaven.





Early Morning: City Walk Adventures

Wandering around the neighborhood and exploring new parts that are previously undiscovered to us is a great pastime for me and Henry.  We start our mornings early but when naptime is being fought, we strap on the baby carrier and head outside. With the stimulation of the various sites, Henry doesn’t make it very long until he falls asleep on my chest. My favorite place for him to be…right next to my heart.

Do you think he can hear all of the love I have for him in my heartbeat?

Those Who Wander Are Not LostHenry105henry100

And one thing that is “So San Francisco” is our neighbor’s house. Every Halloween season, he decorates it in a different theme. The decor this year was quite impressive.

henry 101

Good thing that Henry is young enough that he doesn’t know that skeletons and blood + gore is a scary thing.  He gave the items a quick once over and then cracked a smile.  He must have a love for the horror genre like me!


We also stopped at the neighborhood school to play at the playground. The school had these beautiful murals and positive messages, which were so sweet.  They had chickens and a garden on the grounds, as well.

I can tell you that I didn’t see these things at my school in rural Indiana. I feel so fortunate that I’m able to give Henry more. More experiences. More adventures. More culture. More education.

I love that he will grow up respecting Mother Earth by recycling, composting, and up-cycling.

I love that he will grow up knowing about gentle, humane treatment of every creature.

I love that he will grow up with easy access to healthy food choices and an active lifestyle/culture.


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2015

The beginning of October is my all time favorite weekend in the Bay!  In addition to it being Daddy Beetle’s birthday (Happy Birthday), it is the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, which is a free music festival in Golden Gate Park where you can picnic, BYOB, bring your dogs and is super family-friendly.

Invited: A Birthday Party Celebration!

Over the weekend, we were invited to our neighbor’s 3rd birthday party!  This was Henry’s second birthday party he’s attended and with a few more on the books for the next couple of months, he is going to be a party-guest pro by the end of the year!IMG_4014

This guy was making balloon animals for the kids! This photo captures him in the middle of making Elsa from the movie Frozen.  He was amazing to watch, and the kids were loving him!IMG_4016

He generously offered to make one for Henry on a “stick” so that he could play with it.  When he made this penguin for him, I had to laugh because the one time he went to the aquarium with the nanny, he was TERRIFIED of the penguins!  IMG_4017 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4022

…and he made me a pretty pink corsage!

IMG_4023 IMG_4024

Because Henry was too little for the bounce house but too big to stay in a car seat, we found the middle ground by playing with toys in the house.  He was mesmerized by all of the new toys he could check out!

IMG_4025 IMG_4026 IMG_4028 IMG_4034

Although blurry and unhappy, this photo was too cute to not post!  He’s sooooooo beyond tired but was too afriad to close his eyes and miss out on the fun.  His little ear tug is one of his signs he uses along with rubbing his little eyes to tell us how tired he is!

IMG_4036 IMG_4037

Don’t believe me?  He laid down next to the jumper and stared blankly at a man sitting on the couch for a good 3 minutes. Three minutes is a long time for a baby to lay still – trust me!


The train cake was just too cute!  And the blue icing left all of the kids with blue teeth, tongues, and lips!  IMG_4039 IMG_4041

NSFW Post – Another Weird Day in SF: Folsom Street Fair

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A Zoo Of A Day

Last weekend, Hen and I made our way to the zoo for a fun day adventure.  The last time Henry was at the zoo was when he was around five weeks old so it was quite a different experience.

When we first entered, the Pampers brand was having an event with a play area for babies and toddlers and giving away free packs of diapers.  Henry and I took a seat next to a bubble machine and played with the toys while watching demonstrations on why the new Pampers were better than the competitor diapers.  hen32 hen31 hen30

After we got some samples, we headed to “Africa” in the zoo and saw the giraffes.  Henry didn’t know what to think.hen29 hen28

Look at the giraffe in the background! I’ve never seen them drink before and could not believe my eyes when I saw them lean down.

Here is a close up!

hen27hen25 hen24 hen23 hen22

Later in the afternoon, we stopped off to see the flamingos.  Henry liked looking at their bright pink bodies until they started fighting in front of him, and he let go of a few tears.  He isn’t one for conflict!  His little lip quiver…hen21 hen20

And we also made time to play at the playground, which had a few things for babes his size.  He especially liked this turtle seat!

…and playing with the sea lion sculptures.

We had a blast! He’s such a little ham and was all smiles.

A Beachy Afternoon With My Main Squeeze

On Saturday, Hen and I hit the beach to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.  Packed with sunscreen and a sunshade tent, we had a lovely afternoon looking at the sea lions, picking up seashells, playing in the sand, and watching all of the beach goers.Henry at the Beach

Of course we had to stop playing to fit in an afternoon snack! Priorities, people! Priorities!

hensat7 hensat6

We had to document our day with a beach selfie!hensat4

…and his little hand!  OMG! My heart melted.hensat3 hensat2hensat1 hensat

It took at least ten minutes for Hen to feel comfortable enough to come out of the tent and explore. He was making the most hilarious faces so I had to snap a photo!

hen in tent2

Once he was out, he LOVED the sand, the rocks, the seashells, the birds, the planes, the other kids, and the waves in the ocean, as evidenced by the photos above.

hen in tent