Choo Choo: Your First Caltrain Ride

We ride the Caltrain together today, and you loved it.  You kept saying, “choo choo” and spread out in your seat like you owned the place. 

We had a near meltdown when we arrived in SF because you did not want to get off the train. Once you saw everyone leaving you decided it was time we could leave too so you scooted off your seat and reached for my hand to escort you out.  

I love experiencing firsts with you! Xoxo


Pumpkin Painting Party (of 2)

You are loving pumpkins right now. When you see one, you point it out and say,”punkyyyyy.”

Knowing this, you and I picked some out yesterday during our time together to paint and display for Halloween. 

Every time I look at my kitchen counter and see your masterpiece on display, I smile thinking of us. 

Two little peas in a  pod. 

Sunday Night With My Man

We were able to spend some extra time together today, and it refueled my soul. 

We had a play date with Aunt Coco + Tater Tot where you giggled and played and ate together.  

My life is so much brighter when we are together.  Xoxo

Friday night with Hen

I picked Henry up today from his 2nd day of school and was gifted some artwork he made.

There were so many good updates today from his teacher that I was able to relax a bit as I saw he was adjusting well. 

After getting Hen from school, he and I headed to the nearby food trucks for a dinner date. 

Hen’s First Day of School//montessori

Henry started school today! 

I am still reeling at the thought of this….where did time go? 

Updates were sent all throughout the day, and he thrived! I’ve been setting him up with skills for a montessori education since his birth and seeing the updates makes me feel so proud. Proud of myself. Proud of him.

He read. 

He swept. 

He played dress up.

He made music. 

He worked on his fine motor skills. 

I love you, Hen. I’m so proud of you. Xoxo


Prepping for School 

Henry starts school tomorrow and in preparation, he had to get the polio vaccine. 

A quick trip to the health department and a sore leg later, he was vaccinated and ready for Montessori school. 

While he technically shouldn’t start until after his 2nd birthday, this little guy was accepted early! Woohoo!

In addition to his robust vocabulary, he knows his body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, ears) and can correctly identify his right and left hands and feet.  

He can eat with utensils and drink out of glassware like a pro. 

And yeah, I’m bragging about him! 

The things he needs to work on are naps when not on the move (stroller rides and car rides) and potty training, although I’m sure he will master these things in no time with the help of his teacher. 

I’m filled with excitement and anxiety at this big milestone. I can’t wait to be there with you at 8:30am to experience your “first day” of school.  Xoxo 

The Halloween spirit

Hen and I spent some time today strolling through his neighborhood to look at the Halloween decorations. The neighbors go all out for this spooky holiday so it’s a MUST see. 

While somewhat scary, Henry loved calling out the pumpkins and spiders.  

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I believe it will be one of his too. 

Two years ago, I was six months pregnant handing out candy to the neighborhood kids dressed as a woodland creature in five inch heels. 

Last year we did a stroller walk through Noe Valley and ate burgers dressed as Day of the Dead sugar skulls. 

I have no idea what this year’s Halloween will have in store for us as this is not a “typical year” but hope we can find a way to make it fun for Henry. 

I’m thinking pumpkin decorating and trick or treating…

Happy 21 Months

We had a mom+Hen date today at Henry’s favorite indoor playspace called, Playhaven. 

We painted, drew pictures, did puzzles, played house, danced, played on a slide, played with a train track, built legos, read stories, played hoops, ate veggie lasagna and applesauce, and much more. 

Here’s our day in photos:

Lil Picasso

Lil Artista

Puzzle Mania

Playing House

Mom + Henry Date : Farmers Market

Henry and I had our first Mom + Hen date together since August 17th. It was full of sunshine, smiles, dancing, eating, and fun. 

We shared brunch (a yogurt, a chicken sandwich and a milkshake) while dancing to street performers and sampling fresh fruit. 

After the milkshake, he passed out so I pulled us into a corner of a bookstore for some peace and quiet. In that moment, I felt so fulfilled by staring at his sweet face while he rested. 

Henry’s favorite part of the day was clapping and grooving to a clarinet player.  He pulled out some dance moves that impressed the onlookers and had everyone smiling ear to ear. 

Goodbye, Maria. 

Yesterday was Maria’s last day as Henry’s nanny.  She’s been a third parent to him since he was four months old and a huge influence on him.  All of the chaos and turmoil in our lives proved to be too much for her, which is understood, but still heartbreaking.  

Her absence will be felt forever. Those two had a special bond + now its over. I would be lying if I didnt acknowledge the fact that these emotional attachments ending so suddenly in Henry’s young life will have long term consequences. Without a choice, we will forge ahead and work through any issues that arise as they surface. If I had a tear left, I’d weep for the loss of their relationship. 

I wish I could say we had a fun goodbye party but instead our three hours together was full of chaos and sunshine at St Mary’s Park. 

We made the most of it by doing Henry’s favorite things – the slide, the swings, and basketball.