Last Week’s Picnic

Posting about our picnic tonight reminded me of our picnic last week, which was less formal but still a blast! 

I made some spaghetti with chicken sausage and packed it in his lunchbox with a banana, a side of “extra” chicken sausage, and two applesauces. He thought he was something eating his spaghetti and twirling the noodles around the fork like a pro.  

…and he’s at this stage where he wants to be independent and “on his own,” which is evidenced by this photo of him eating on a step alone.  He kept throwing out his hand saying, “go, go!” And when I didn’t listen, he relocated by climbing two huge steps so he could eat on his own. 


He never ceases to amaze me.  He knows SO much that everyday I am blown away by his wealth of knowledge and skills.   
And believe it or not, this kid loves seaweed snacks! Ewwwww! He didn’t get that from ME!!!!;)  

Picnic Dinners

After months and months of cold and rain, we are taking advantage of all of the sunshine San Francisco has been getting the past few days. 

To soak up the extra hour of daylight and the warmth, Hen and I had a picnic dinner.  I made lemon pepper chicken in the crockpot and put it over rice, packed a string cheese, some veggie straw “chips”, an applesauce, yogurt covered raisins, a water bottle, and an acai bowl with granola and pomegranate seeds on the side. 

We ate while overlooking the water in China Basin/Mission Bay. 


Hen is loving pomegranate seeds these days.  We have them plain and add them to our acai bowl for a quick treat.   
When we got home, we walked the dogs, snacked some more, and read books in our underwear. Henry has always been a bookworm but lately it’s been so intense (which is a good “problem” to have).

 He’s even reading to himself these days.   

From morning until night, he has a book in his little hands. This morning he was learning about San Francisco in a counting book, which he read the entire 15 minute ride to school. 

You’re my world. I’ll do everything I can to make sure you always have something to read, my dear sweet baby. Xoxo


Saturday Sunshine in SF

We finally had a warm, sunshiny Saturday in San Francisco so Henry and I seized the day by the horns and spent a lot of time outside. 

We started the morning with Henry’s (current favorite) breakfast of chicken apple sausage and an acai bowl. 

We then got dressed, walked the dogs, and headed down to the Ferry Building for the Farmers Market where we got homemade biscuits from the Bizcuit Bender vendor and shared chilaquiles for an early lunch while dancing to the live music from the street performers. 

Afterwards, we made our way to the park where we spent a lot of time on the swing.   

After the park, we headed home for nap time. When we woke up, we loaded the dogs in the car and hit the beach dog park at Fort Funston.  We watched the hang gliders soar from the cliff tops and gave out dog treats to wagging tailed canines.  


Sick Day : Mom + Hen Date

Hen stayed home from school today to go to the doctor about a persistent cough and drainage of the nose that his teacher insisted needed attention.  

We started the day off with breakfast (chicken apple sausage and watermelon) and a trip to Fort Funston for a hike by the ocean + a dog walk. 

We did some drawings and made sticker artwork. 

We made an acai bowl for a late morning snack and chomped on pomegranate seeds. 

 We then made our way to the doctor where Henry weighed in at a consistent 25 pounds and was diagnosed with sinusitis, which will be treated with antibiotics and probiotics. 

After leaving the doc appointment, we headed to Golden Gate Park to look for turtles at Stow Lake. 

He is such a ham! We had such a ball eating our lunch on a picnic table overlooking the boats in the water while counting turtles. 


We zipped home for nap time. When he woke up a few hours later, I had food waiting for him – chicken teriyaki rice + vegetables with a side of watermelon, apples, peanut butter-filled pretzels and a cup of apple apple juice (as Hen likes to say)!   

We then hopped in the car to pick up his prescription at the pharmacy. 

We then drove to the gym to go for a swim. Hen has been loving water and baths since we returned from Hawaii so couldn’t wait to get him in the water. 

After splashing around and having a poop explosion on the steps to the pool, we showered and headed home for dinner and bedtime. 

Henry has been asking for pizza the past few days so we made pizza bagels for dinner and loved every minute of it. 


Our Chicago Trip

It’s hard to believe it was almost a month ago when Hen and I were en route to Chicago for family time.

Henry loves airplanes and now that he gets his own seat, he is a happy clam. 

I packed some activities like puzzles and a hand made felt board to entertain/educate during the five hour flight but he was more interested in the mechanics of the seat belt.

The end of the flight was stressful as Hen was frustrated he had to be strapped in and was beyond tired. He fought the seatbelt and won when he laid on the floor in front of our seats and passed out.

You win!

Hungry Man 

 Henry loves food. Even though he is pint sized, this boy can eat!
Given his love for food, I wasn’t surprised to see this particular update from Henry’s teacher yesterday. 


Chicago-ish: children’s museum

Henry and I woke up bright and early to play with the house full of toys at his cousins’ house.

We had a chocolate chip cookie and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.

We kept cousin Roenick (age 3) home from school today because these two are having a blast together.

We visited the Children’s Museum in a Chicago suburb and played!


The playspace/museum is so cute and has numerous activity stations for learning.


We learned about emergencies, plants, bugs, animals, dinosaurs, and surgery through a life-sized version of “operation!”