All Smiles

This lil guy is finished with school for the month because we are headed to Chicago tomorrow for some much needed cousin time. 

Woohoo! Hen is all smiles as he blows kisses to his teacher and preps for his big plane trip tomorrow.  


Brag Post: speaking in sentences 

We received a new note on the Brightwheel app from Henry’s teacher at Montessori school, and I just HAVE to mark this occasion.

Hen is speaking in sentences now.  At 24 months, 2 weeks, he is one smart cookie and such a chatter box.

 And as far as reading, this kid LOVES books.  LOVES them! He reads them in the car. He reads them in bed. He reads them in between playing trains.  This kid always has a book in hand. Yes, we do live next to a bookstore and a library. Yes, he has been going to both since he was a few days old. And yes, he has a mini library at home. When we read at night, I can hear him whispering the words after I read them. It is like he is committing the words to memory and cataloging them in his brain for when he is ready to speak them.

Read on!

Weekend Vibes

We had a great, relaxed weekend, even though it stormed and rained in SF!

On Saturday, Henry went to the women’s march.

And yesterday, he read a lot of books, rested in bed, and helped me make fajitas for lunch.

He and I are headed to Chicago later this week to visit my sister and Hen’s two cousins so we started packing for the trip.

Gloves, coats, and winter boots made it into the suitcase! Brrrrr!

Henry, I Must Apologize


I owe you an apology.  While our morning was seemingly normal – eating a bagel with cream cheese, playing with your toys, and making coffee together, I was distracted. I didn’t give you my full attention.

I found it hard to tear myself away from the news on TV. Specifically, the inauguration of our new President, Donald Trump.

I am filled with sadness as this inauguration has a very different feel then the one Mama attended 8 years ago when we swore in President Barack Obama.  While we should be filled with hope and optimism, our nation is divided and most of us have tears in our eyes. We aren’t ready to say goodbye to President Obama.  We aren’t ready to accept this change.

While you’re at school reading books, tracing letters, and expanding your beautiful mind, we are glued to the tv terrified of our future.

I’m going to squeeze you a little tighter tonight as an apology.  An apology for me being distracted during our precious time this morning.

And an apology for the actions of our nation.  I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that we will fight for you to keep kindness in your heart, love for all beings, and an optimistic outlook.


School Updates Galore

One of Hen’s classmates moved away and the other is on vacation so Henry has the teacher all to himself this week.  He is loving all of the one-on-one attention, and we are loving all of the photo updates throughout the day.



dress up – did someone call the doctor?


music time



locks + latches




naming polygons


water pouring



Sunday Funday

We were sure to take advantage of the California sunshine today after all of the rain we’ve been getting the past few weeks!

Henry loves train rides and the playground so today we did both! We walked to the Muni train and rode it to Dolores playground.


Happy Birthday, Arlee

Henry’s classmate, Arlee, had her third birthday party at the Children’s Creative Museum in downtown SF.

It was our first time there and we had a ton of fun playing at the train table, wearing different hats in the dress up section, playing on a giant green slide+riding the carousel!

The party was Minnie Mouse themed and they served Chipotle, along with snacks and cake!

Afterward, we came home for nap time and then hit the canyon playground where we spent a lot of time on the swing!  

I don’t know what I would do if he got any cuter! Don’t listen to what people tell you about the terrible twos! There’s nothing terrible about it. You’re the best! Xoxo

a cinnamon roll kind of morning

We ran out of coffee this morning and because we are both dependent on it, we visited the bakery in the ‘hood when we went on our routine family morning dog walk.

As soon as Henry saw the big a$$ cinnamon roll, he kept saying “cinnamon roll” (in his own little words).  In an effort to put some weight on him, we gave in! Henry was in heaven! I’m sure he had a sugar crash at a school today but I believe it was worth it.

He was soooooo CUTE eating it.

HH is TWO//his checkup

Henry is two and tons of fun.  We took him to his two year checkup yesterday where we found out he is perfectly normal.

He has a big brain as his head is still in the 99th percentile!  He is a petite little guy who weighs 24 lb 7.9 oz (11%) and his height is 33.27″ (29%).
He was vaccinated for the flu and cried when he saw the doctor.

Afterward, we treated him to dinner and made a quick pit stop at the Nike store in Union Square so his daddy could exchange his basketball shoes. Hen carried the shoes around the store saying, “mine!”

And then he found a basketball which he HAD to have to show off his skill.

 He tried to stretch out his lil body while playing pretend basketball. This kid loves ball! 

The patrons and employees were accommodating to our lil busy body + even cheered him on! Thanks for being cool about our wild child.  They are only little once!:)


School Update 

Henry continues to love Montessori school and his classmates (ages 3 and 5).   One of his classmates is moving to LA tomorrow so the teacher has been posting some extra sweet photos of their bond.