Our Halloween Told In .Gifs


He hated that damn mustache.

Like..HATED it.

Our costumes were circus themed-ish and were as follows:

Me: French Mime

Daddy Beetle: Banana

Baby Henry: Strong Man


The Nine Month Check-Up

Our little turkey is growing up! It’s hard to believe, but he just went to his nine (9) month check up.


His stats are as follows:

Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz (36.58%, Source: WHO)

Height: 29.21″ (73.39%, Source: WHO)

Head Size: 18.82″ (97.82%, Source: WHO)

While his big head circumference is off the charts, he is a little small fry! I’m always shocked when people say, “He’s only nine months? He’s so big!!”  I want to scream, “No, he isn’t. He’s in the 36% percentile, lady!” For some reason, people calling him a big baby really IRKS me.  If you’re going to comment on his size, the best response would be to say, “He’s the perfect size.”

What’s new with his milestones?  There are so many!

For one, he is standing on his own.  He’s been hanging on to things with just his fingertips on one hand for a few weeks now, but, as of Halloween Day, he can now stand on his own without holding on to anything.

We were at a party when it happened and 25+ people witnessed it.  How cool!


He is just SO amazing.

I seriously say this to myself at least 96x a day. Really, I do! Every single day is something new with him.

…new sounds/words

…new milestones reached

…new facial expressions

…new foods consumed

…new adventures explored

new. new. new.

The funniest new thing he’s doing is squeezing himself into {incredibly} tight spaces.

…like in between a sliding glass door and a high chair.

I mean…


What did he think would happen?  Where did he intend to go?  Why on Earth would he even try this?

I have no idea, but he is adorable while he does it!

Reminiscing About Our Recent Trip

I can’t help but keep thinking of Henry’s recent trip to Chicago to visit family. He was able to spend a ton of time with his cousins, Mac + Roni.

Uploading the photos to my computer today has made me teary-eyed as I’m missing them like crazy.  My sister and her family’s recent move from the DC-area to the ‘burbs of Chicago was a great move for them to be closer to family. It is great for me because the move makes my flight to see her an hour and a half less, which is a major plus.

However, a two hour time difference and a four hour flight still makes it feel like a very long distance.


We had such a blast and made some lovely memories. Henry was loving all of the new (to him) toys and was following his two-year-old cousin, Roni, all over the house.


We miss you guys!  We are sending our love to you from California.

Morning Walks with My Fave

After a good night sleep, I was determined to take Henry for a walk before I started work around 8am.  I had planned on strolling him and our dog, Wally, to the canyon and to play at the playground.  Well, we had to scratch the playground idea because I bored him to sleep before we even got there.


Yes, it is true that I was listening to a podcast about Elimination Communication (EC).  And yes, I can understand that he may find this particular topic rather boring, but I needed something to fill my ears and Spotify wasn’t working on my phone.


I think that is a pretty good arrangement, don’t you?  When Henry sleeps, I can listen to a podcast?  Yes, it is boring mom stuff, but it is something educational.  For when he wakes, I will talk and point and squeal and coo to him while also introducing him to all of the amazing things in the world.

Like, this little snail family –

Just so you know, baby snails are tiny and adorable. And, I mean T-I-N-Y! For a slimy creature, (which I’m terrified of), little bitty baby snails are the exception.

Baby Snail in Glen Park

Is that snail poop? Yuck!



A Case of the Mondays

After a fun weekend, my pint-sized assistant is hard at work answering calls and emails on my behalf.  With a bad case of seasonal allergies and feeling emotionally drained, this Monday is especially hard for me.

I’ll just turn my frown upside down and count the hours until Henry comes back from the nanny.

…only five more hours.

The Introduction of Peanut Butter

PicMonkey Collage

This morning we added peanut butter to the breakfast menu.  If I am to be honest, I was and still am a nervous wreck. I have an eagle eye on him while looking for any red dots, spots, splotches that would denote an allergy. I’ve put off the introduction of nut butters because I didn’t think I could handle the stress of an emergency room visit should he be allergic.

Today I was feeling brave and did the introduction – so far, so good! Thank goodness!

The Bees Knees


Baby Led Weaning is the bees knees.  We are expanding our food repertoire to include crackers, carrots, and broccoli.

I love seeing his little “tentacle” finger that inspects all of the new food.

I see him registering the colors. the textures. the size…