Urban Hikes – SF

A couple of Fridays ago, we took an urban family hike up to the top of Diamond Heights in San Francisco.   @Karlthefog was on vacation, which left us with a beautiful view of the city.

Just look at that cityscape! Gah! It’s amazing to live here.


Our Berkeley Excursion

Over the weekend, Hen+I headed over across Bay Bridge to hang out in Berkeley with a few girlfriends.  From meeting sweet dogs, to trolling the streets, to testing out Ms. Laura’s new kitchen utensils,  Hen had quite the adventure.

In another phase of establishing his independence, Hen wants to WALK everywhere.  He reaches out his sweet little hand to hold mind and will even position it (correctly, according to him) so that we can walk hand in hand.

Berkeley Bum


Mr Independent

You may be horrified to know that by the end of our  excursion, Henry was laying on University Avenue in downtown Berkeley to take a nap.  He was DONE.  Poor guy. We are currently in this stage where he lays down wherever he is at the moment he starts to feel tired.  Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea given our urban lifestyle given the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area


Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea when living an urban lifestyle with the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area. I can not even think about it…


SF Fun: Pier 39 Aquarium

Henry LOVES fish!  …what better rainy day activity than the aquarium!  While the entrance cost was waived because my sweet friend had a guest pass with her family membership, I spent a cool $17.99 on this oversized clown fish. OH BOY!

Hen grabbed it while we strolled through the gift shop to reach the exit.  After I saw him talking to it, kissing it, and giving it huge hugs, I decided that it must leave with us.  So we bought it!

And now that little fish goes with us everywhere!

Dinner Date with my little

Henry has been on a nap strike the past few days, which makes for a couple of tired parents.

Because he can fall asleep while being carried around in the baby carrier, I strapped him up and hit the pavement.

He was a little zombie, so I thought he’d be out  in two, maybe three blocks.

Well, that was wishful thinking because a mile in a half later, he just fell asleep.

Phew. This mama is rewarding herself with a glass of Pinot while he sleeps. Zzzzzzzzz


What started off as a peaceful dinner listening to Henry snooze quickly turned into sharing my vegetable lasagna and garlic bread with my little.

His much-needed nap turned into a quick 15-minute power nap – ugh.

I was happy to have his company and to share giggles with over dinner but wanted him to rest and sleep so that he can kick this cold he’s recently caught.

During dinner, he demanded that he use his fork independently.  So, I handed it over and watched him figure it out.  He was LOVING the zucchini in the dish and couldn’t get enough of the garlic bread.

After filling our bellies, we left covered in marinara sauce and smelling like garlic.

Moody Mondays

Talk about the Monday BLUES! Ugh, after taking a month-long leave from work, it is hard to get back into the swing of things.  Add to that the amazing trip we just returned from yesterday + this Monday feels extra-BLAH!

To help me ease into the routine of Henry returning back with the nanny during the day, I can not stop looking at our vacation photos.

This animation has been bringing a smile to my face all dang day.  Hen is such a little ham + loves being a California baby.