My Son Was Transfixed by Yo Gabba Gabba


Daddy Beetle snapped this photo of me + Hen today while we were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and waiting for the nanny to arrive.

We have the same little features.

He is my flesh. He is my heart. He is my soul.


A Zoo Of A Day

Last weekend, Hen and I made our way to the zoo for a fun day adventure.  The last time Henry was at the zoo was when he was around five weeks old so it was quite a different experience.

When we first entered, the Pampers brand was having an event with a play area for babies and toddlers and giving away free packs of diapers.  Henry and I took a seat next to a bubble machine and played with the toys while watching demonstrations on why the new Pampers were better than the competitor diapers.  hen32 hen31 hen30

After we got some samples, we headed to “Africa” in the zoo and saw the giraffes.  Henry didn’t know what to think.hen29 hen28

Look at the giraffe in the background! I’ve never seen them drink before and could not believe my eyes when I saw them lean down.

Here is a close up!

hen27hen25 hen24 hen23 hen22

Later in the afternoon, we stopped off to see the flamingos.  Henry liked looking at their bright pink bodies until they started fighting in front of him, and he let go of a few tears.  He isn’t one for conflict!  His little lip quiver…hen21 hen20

And we also made time to play at the playground, which had a few things for babes his size.  He especially liked this turtle seat!

…and playing with the sea lion sculptures.

We had a blast! He’s such a little ham and was all smiles.

A Beachy Afternoon With My Main Squeeze

On Saturday, Hen and I hit the beach to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.  Packed with sunscreen and a sunshade tent, we had a lovely afternoon looking at the sea lions, picking up seashells, playing in the sand, and watching all of the beach goers.Henry at the Beach

Of course we had to stop playing to fit in an afternoon snack! Priorities, people! Priorities!

hensat7 hensat6

We had to document our day with a beach selfie!hensat4

…and his little hand!  OMG! My heart melted.hensat3 hensat2hensat1 hensat

It took at least ten minutes for Hen to feel comfortable enough to come out of the tent and explore. He was making the most hilarious faces so I had to snap a photo!

hen in tent2

Once he was out, he LOVED the sand, the rocks, the seashells, the birds, the planes, the other kids, and the waves in the ocean, as evidenced by the photos above.

hen in tent

Henry, The Goat Whisperer

SF is experiencing a heat wave, and it is serious!  Most SF apartments/houses don’t have air conditioning so this means we need to get out of the house to get some relief from the heat!

Luckily, Henry can still sleep on-the-go so we are able to leave the house for all day adventures.  Up on Sunday was the zoo, and in particular the “family farm” petting zoo.  Seeing how much joy Henry has when he sees our dogs, I thought he would LOVE this activity.  Unfortunately, he was a bit scared and clung onto me for dear life!

While the other children were rushing up to brush and pet the goats, we kept our distance but that didn’t keep them from coming right up to Henry on their own.

hen7 hen8 hen6 hen9 hen3hen5 hen hen4 hen2

Throwback Thursday: Henry in Early 2015

Sometimes I look back at all of the photos on my computer of my sweet little Henry, and I’m blown away by all that we’ve done together in 8+ months.

When I see little photos on Instagram that read 22W ago or 32W ago, I do the math and my eyes get wide when I calculate that into months!

From the beginning, it’s clear that I have always treated him like an adult. From the way he was dressed, to the places we went, to the activities we did together, to his sweet expressions, you can see that I never treated him like a baby.

I mean, just look at that face!  …That is a face of someone who knows what is going on!


@Happy Hour




@Weekly Trivia Night


The Best Part About Our Denver Trip…

The best part about our Denver trip was spending quality time with family and watching the boys play together.  Henry’s sweet cousin, Levi, is 4.5 months older than him and is showing him the ropes on this whole baby thing!


They love chasing the dogs, trading toys, and head bumping their ginormous noggins together, which is their way of giving each other kisses. 


Trust me!  It is cuteness overload up in here!

Throwback Thursday: July 10, 2015

On July 10th, 2015, we welcomed my niece, McKinley Lynn, to the family.  Her arrival marked the end of Henry being the baby of the family. I feel like he was okay with “passing the torch,” so to speak.

henry 1

Her {nearly} 2 year old brother didn’t want anything to do with her and could’ve cared less about her arrival, but Henry welcomed her with open arms.

Henry even teached her how to “love” the swaddle!

henry with mckinley

And to introduce her to the e-world, this is Ms. McKinley Lynn.

My niece and Henry’s cousin.

mckinley side lying beanbag mckinley eyes open beautiful white rose

Check out her flower child romper – she’s so stylish!mckinley awake full rose romper-2