An Apple A Day…

Hen LOVES grocery shopping. He likes riding in the cart. He likes looking at all of the people buzzing around. And he especially likes reaching out for items he wants to add to the cart.

Take this apple for instance:


Once he finished his apple, he wanted out of the cart so that he could touch a few other items that caught his eye.


On this particular trip, he was intent on “helping” the grocery store by pulling off all of the sales tags!  I’m sure people were happy to learn their items were on sale when they went to the checkout – what a surprise that must’ve been!



Sundaze: Lazy Day Vibes

We celebrated the last day of the weekend with some tv.

…and Hen spent most of the 21-minute segment trying to find the BEST seat in the house.

He finally got settled when he crawled up on the couch next to me to be the little spoon! My favorite spot!  Any day that I get extra snuggles, hugs, and fish kisses is my favorite day.

Any day that I get extra snuggles, hugs, and fish kisses is my favorite day.

I Like Good Books + I Can Not Lie


Henry is a big bookworm!  He is always going straight for the books and leafing through them to look at the pictures. He sometimes babbles while evaluating each page, which makes it seem like he is reading.

It is beyond adorable.

We’ve started going to the library each week to stock up on more books to keep him interested.

One observation I’ve made is that the books he grabs from his room are the ones I read to him at night when he was a few months old.

Let me be honest, reading to a newborn/infant seems pointless when you are doing it because they just kind of lay there while you listen to your own voice and you feel absolutely ridiculous. BUT, I did it anyway and am now reaping the benefits – yes, several months later.

Grab the books. Get cozy. And read. read. read.


Sleepy Starfish Pose

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.15.12 AM

I’m currently staring at my computer screen watching Henry sleep.  Oh, I’m also holiday shopping online, addressing thank you cards, and eating a bagel – life of a mom!

He’s so cute, I could literally stare at him all day.  When his daddy sees an eye rub, he walks him to get him to sleep.  Me, on the other hand, never wants to be without him so ignore the eye rubs and say, “I don’t think he is tired.”

If this sleeping position is any indication, I think this little guy was quite exhausted.


Pen + Hen

Henry and I switched up our morning stroller rides today by bringing along Ms. Penny Lane.  Typically she is a couch potato who doesn’t want to crawl out from under a blanket but today she made moves indicating she wanted to join so we packed her in the stroller and went on our way.

Penny is Henry’s favorite dog (+mine too). I adopted Penny Lane after she was saved from a hoarding situation in Indiana back in February 2007.  She was a breeding machine who was malnourished and afraid of her own shadow.  Since that time, she’s come out of her shell and now rules the roost…and our household.


Exercising with Toys

To say that Henry is a busybody is a complete understatement.  He is B-U-S-Y! If you’ve spent even a minute around him, you know what I am talking about.

He has a fixed concentration and determination that is unreal to see unfold.  We have taken a “free-range” approach to parenting which allows him to explore and experiment so that he can have his own experiences and learn from them.


Every single damn day is different.  

One day he was high-fiving, a week later he was clapping, and now we are starting to use sign language.

Blink + you’d miss all of the new milestones. It’s truly unbelievable.

I have done a lot of meditating over the past few months and one thing that I’ve learned from Henry is to see each experience with fresh eyes and a new perspective. So many times I feel that I am on auto-pilot and buzz from Point A to Point B.  Now, I make a conscience effort to stop and smell the roses.  As simple as it sounds, it feels challenging at times.

For me, seeing Henry is a  constant reminder that I need to appreciate the moment, instead of wishing life away and “knowing” how things will turn out.

The best part of parenthood is watching him grow, learn, and experience new things. Sometimes parenthood feels hard and overwhelming. It can also be a thankless job!

A thankless job that means many sleepless nights, baby vomit on a new blouse, messes that need to be cleaned up (constantly), blown out diapers, crying spells, and everything else that drives you to the end of your rope where you silently think to yourself, “Are you FREAKING kidding me?!”

However, it is so rewarding.  All of those moments are a distant memory and the fun, happy moments filled with slobbery baby kisses and lots of giggles are the ones that stick with me.

Cataloging Henry’s life through this blog lets me experience those emotions all over again, in various ways. I experience it during the actual moment it happens, again when I upload the photos + add them to the blog, and yet again when I go back and read through the posts I’ve made about him.

Looking at the photo of him pushing around his little blocks brings a huge smile to my face because I can see him doing it in my mind and I can hear his grunts, giggles, and gasps. Yay, I get to experience these sweet moments over and over and over…



The Sports Fan


I took Henry to the neighborhood gym over the weekend to watch his Daddy play basketball.

He must’ve thought the game was a nail biter because he stood by the railing the entire game.  He would stick his little hands through the top opening and yell, “Heeeeyyyyyyyyy” until someone paid attention to him. Lots of high fives later, he was a hit at the rec center while he hammed it up.