Our Berkeley Excursion

Over the weekend, Hen+I headed over across Bay Bridge to hang out in Berkeley with a few girlfriends.  From meeting sweet dogs, to trolling the streets, to testing out Ms. Laura’s new kitchen utensils,  Hen had quite the adventure.

In another phase of establishing his independence, Hen wants to WALK everywhere.  He reaches out his sweet little hand to hold mind and will even position it (correctly, according to him) so that we can walk hand in hand.

Berkeley Bum


Mr Independent

You may be horrified to know that by the end of our  excursion, Henry was laying on University Avenue in downtown Berkeley to take a nap.  He was DONE.  Poor guy. We are currently in this stage where he lays down wherever he is at the moment he starts to feel tired.  Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea given our urban lifestyle given the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area


Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea when living an urban lifestyle with the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area. I can not even think about it…



Pen + Hen

Henry and I switched up our morning stroller rides today by bringing along Ms. Penny Lane.  Typically she is a couch potato who doesn’t want to crawl out from under a blanket but today she made moves indicating she wanted to join so we packed her in the stroller and went on our way.

Penny is Henry’s favorite dog (+mine too). I adopted Penny Lane after she was saved from a hoarding situation in Indiana back in February 2007.  She was a breeding machine who was malnourished and afraid of her own shadow.  Since that time, she’s come out of her shell and now rules the roost…and our household.


Look! Over There!

Even though our days can be a bit hectic with three senior dogs and an infant, it is a lot of fun.  Henry absolutely loves the dogs and watches their every move.

I captured his face as the dogs barked at some passerbys.

And then caught him smiling as he watched them burrow under the blankets! He must think they are playing peek-a-boo.

Lastly, I caught him watching the dogs run to the food bowl for dinner.  Adios!

 …and because I am obsessed with how much he loves the dogs, I wanted to include a few more photos.

IMG_8358 IMG_8428 IMG_8567 IMG_8723 IMG_9385 IMG_9409 IMG_0132

IMG_0070 IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_9919 IMG_9934
IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0154 IMG_0501Ah, be still my heart.  The cuteness is just killing me. I’m dead. My heart exploded from the cuteness.

Three Dogs + a Baby Ain’t Easy

When you live in a small apartment in San Francisco and have three(3) dogs and a baby, life isn’t always easy. 

However, seeing Henry’s face light up when he sees the “fur-babies” is worth every headache, frustration, and overwhelmed feeling it may bring. 

To say he loves his dogs is an understatement.                


Before I Was Henry’s Mom, I Was a {Dog} Mom

I have been a doting dog mom for 8 years and yet, this is the very first Mother’s Day holiday that I’ve celebrated.

Please don’t roll your eyes.  Mom-Shaming needs to stop! Let’s take a breath and remember to celebrate all Moms! Regardless of a skin baby or a fur baby, all moms have something in common…an outpouring of love for their little ones.

p.s. This photo was taken a month before our {Baby Beetle, Henry} entered the world.

Love to my four legged babies,