Beachin’ It!

Now that Henry is starting to be mobile and sit on his own, I am eager to take him to our favorite spots that aren’t {necessarily} stroller-friendly, such as the beach!

hh beach4 Henry is at the age where he puts everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in his mouth.  However, he is one smart cookie because he didn’t try to eat the sand at the beach.  He spent his time touching it, letting it run through his fingers, and burying his tiny toes.

Man, I love this city!hh beach3 hh beach2


Flashback: two weeks old

I came across this photo of little H from my friend’s Instagram account and had to share.

We hosted a welcome happy hour for friends when he was two weeks old and in my “new mom” fog, I didn’t take a single photo of the festivities. Bummer!

That little face.  That hairline.  It’s too much!!