When You See Bubbles…


It is quite amazing that a see-through bubble can suspend itself in the air and “travel.”

It is also amazing to see this kid’s wild, crazy hair.  My lil’ wild man.


Our Berkeley Excursion

Over the weekend, Hen+I headed over across Bay Bridge to hang out in Berkeley with a few girlfriends.  From meeting sweet dogs, to trolling the streets, to testing out Ms. Laura’s new kitchen utensils,  Hen had quite the adventure.

In another phase of establishing his independence, Hen wants to WALK everywhere.  He reaches out his sweet little hand to hold mind and will even position it (correctly, according to him) so that we can walk hand in hand.

Berkeley Bum


Mr Independent

You may be horrified to know that by the end of our  excursion, Henry was laying on University Avenue in downtown Berkeley to take a nap.  He was DONE.  Poor guy. We are currently in this stage where he lays down wherever he is at the moment he starts to feel tired.  Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea given our urban lifestyle given the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area


Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea when living an urban lifestyle with the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area. I can not even think about it…


The Tea Mouse

No matter how many times a day I sweep and mop, the floor always has some sort of speckle, spot, or stain on it.

Hen loves playing in the kitchen cabinets while I do laundry and meal prep. Today he chose the tea cabinet and the shiny aluminium can caught his attention – the tea jar!


He’s so stinking cute that I am more than happy to clean up any mess he creates.  When I think about how all the mess and chaos is a learning experience for him, it eases the anxiety I feel about things being out of place.

Cool Glasses, Bro


Hen’s new discovery is a pair of sunglasses. While he’s trying really hard to put them on his face, they end up on his neck.  I am keeping a close eye on him because I keep imagining him poking his eye out with the little sunglass arm that he likes to fold. unfold. fold. unfold. (x100).

Maybe it is time to explore getting him some Babiators.

Toes Are Fun!

Henry is starting to become obsessed with his little toes!  He likes to pull off one of his socks and pick at his toenails. Where in the world did he learn this?  I have no idea, but it cracks me up.

Is it part of the baby process? Is it a quirk?

I constantly ask myself, “Is this Henry being Henry or is this Henry being a baby?”

I don’t know the answer, but I’m okay with whatever it is.toes2 toes

Look! Over There!

Even though our days can be a bit hectic with three senior dogs and an infant, it is a lot of fun.  Henry absolutely loves the dogs and watches their every move.

I captured his face as the dogs barked at some passerbys.

And then caught him smiling as he watched them burrow under the blankets! He must think they are playing peek-a-boo.

Lastly, I caught him watching the dogs run to the food bowl for dinner.  Adios!

 …and because I am obsessed with how much he loves the dogs, I wanted to include a few more photos.

IMG_8358 IMG_8428 IMG_8567 IMG_8723 IMG_9385 IMG_9409 IMG_0132

IMG_0070 IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_9919 IMG_9934
IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0154 IMG_0501Ah, be still my heart.  The cuteness is just killing me. I’m dead. My heart exploded from the cuteness.

play date : Beer, BBQ, + Babies

we headed south of San Francisco today to a friend’s house for beer, BBQ, & babies. Four babies aged two months, three months, five months and eight months had an exhausting afternoon drooling over shared toys and taking turns napping.


Henry was quite the ladies man being the only male baby but was a perfect gentleman and let the ladies rule the roost.  I taught him well!;)