Gender Disappointment – Secretly Sad?

We want a healthy baby!

That is a given…and something couples always reply with when asked what gender they want/prefer.

My response: “I didn’t know healthy was a gender!”   I mean, of course we all want to deliver healthy babies. Who on Earth would say otherwise?

I know for us, we are split down the middle.  I would prefer a girl and the husband would prefer a boy. Why?


Well, when I think of MY CHILD, I can’t picture anything other than a little girl.  I visualize big brown eyes, long blonde hair, dresses, pageants, sparkles, and a mini version of myself, which I would nickname Minnie!  When the husband thinks of HIS CHILD, he thinks of basketball and bonding with his son like he did with his father.  Of course a son could be into pageants & sparkles and a daughter could be into basketball, but I’m thinking of the shallow, traditional view of the idealistic children.

Because of our split household, we have decided to keep the gender reveal to the delivery day.  We’ve heard of gender disappointment being a real thing so would like to avoid the whole topic by finding out the gender as soon as he/she enters the world because regardless of gender, we will love him/her with all of our beings as soon as we lay our eyes on the little beetle baby.