Flower Child : A True San Franciscan

This kid is a true San Franciscan. He’s a nature lover and a flower child. I couldn’t be more obsessed with him if I tried. Every day I see his kind heart and pure soul, and it makes me love him more and more.

Fun Fact: This little red sweater was his daddy’s when he was his age.  #vintage #36yearsold




Meditate + Breath

Sometimes I get so wrapped up my daily tasks, to-do lists, and life stressors that I forget to step back, slow down, and take a deep breath.

After a frustrating client call yesterday for work, I took a mini hike to let go of my frustrations. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it was! And, it worked!


After a 4+year drought, El Nino has brought a ton of rain our way, which has made everything lush and green.  The sky and the Earth was so beautiful, the hike felt almost magical.


In my thoughts and tasks, I completely forgot to acknowledge that yesterday, February 10th, marked Henry’s 13th-month mark.  How could I have let the day pass without letting him know how excited I am to celebrate another month with him…my favorite person!?


The days are passing me by at such an alarming rate that it seems a lot of things are getting pushed to “tomorrow,” which never actually comes. Because when tomorrow becomes today, it gets pushed to tomorrow again.

I’m doing my best. That’s all I can do.

Weekend Activity: Playtime at the Library

Hen had a sleepy, lazy Sunday so to get him out of the house, I took him around the corner to the library for the Lego Playtime.

While the toddlers played with the teeny tiny Lego pieces, I kept Henry in the main library part where we picked out a few books to take home with us.

Once the space cleared, I picked up all of the little Lego pieces that were left behind and gave Hen some letter magnets and big building blocks.

Once the kids left, Henry quickly lost interest in his toys and wanted to follow them around.  He kept crawling out of the play area so we had to shut the door to keep him contained!



Hen loves being around other kids and watching them like a hawk.  He doesn’t have any sense of “stranger danger” so walks right up to them to jabber in their ears and touch their hands.  He’s so nosy, curious, adventurous, loving, and fun!



Morning Walks with My Fave

After a good night sleep, I was determined to take Henry for a walk before I started work around 8am.  I had planned on strolling him and our dog, Wally, to the canyon and to play at the playground.  Well, we had to scratch the playground idea because I bored him to sleep before we even got there.


Yes, it is true that I was listening to a podcast about Elimination Communication (EC).  And yes, I can understand that he may find this particular topic rather boring, but I needed something to fill my ears and Spotify wasn’t working on my phone.


I think that is a pretty good arrangement, don’t you?  When Henry sleeps, I can listen to a podcast?  Yes, it is boring mom stuff, but it is something educational.  For when he wakes, I will talk and point and squeal and coo to him while also introducing him to all of the amazing things in the world.

Like, this little snail family –

Just so you know, baby snails are tiny and adorable. And, I mean T-I-N-Y! For a slimy creature, (which I’m terrified of), little bitty baby snails are the exception.

Baby Snail in Glen Park

Is that snail poop? Yuck!